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Has Rihanna Made A Comeback To Music?

Gettyimages | Dimitrios Kambouris
By kenadijiba

Rihanna, first and foremost the universe wants to thank you for giving all of us something to look forward to, and something to listen to. Obviously this cute little background vocal moment isn't enough for the fans, but at this point let's take what we can get. The saying that goes “closed mouths don't get fed” has proven to be correct. After literally years of begging Queen Rihanna to release her long awaited album, she still hasn't budged, but this collaboration with PartyNextDoor will do for now.

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A Meme Eureka Moment

Giphy | The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

A recent meme that really brought all Millennials back to earth concerning Rihanna, basically discussed the hypothetical moment in time when most of us are dusty parents, and our kids inevitably ask about Rihanna, and question if she was even a musician. Can you imagine kids generations from now referring to RiRi as a mogul. To be honest that's a fantastic title to hold, but still hurts all the early 2000’s teens hearts. It’s just not something we will accept.

Umbrella Era

Unsplash | Edu Lauton

It is genuinely painful to think we might never experience again a moment like when Rihanna dropped “Umbrella”. If you grew up during that time then you understand the iconicness that was that music video. You’d know the cultural hold Rihanna had on all of us. To comprehend that Rihanna is really done with that world is so nostalgia inducing. But, it does make sense. She’s grown and probably doesn't have that same connection to music like she once did before.

The Queens Of Music

Unsplash | Ashton Mullins

Accepting change can be mind boggling. The main mamas of music for over a decade were Rihanna, Beyonce, and Adele. Now it appears as if these women are reaching new heights in their legendary careers. The time is up, and now we are on the search for this generation's pop divas. Some artists who are kind of straggling in with their cultural influence to eventually fill that void are Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande, and Lizzo. These women have the power to dominate the music scene and pave a new wave for other aspiring artists.


Unsplash | ZIPHAUS

Honestly, let's all collectively blame the untimely success of “Fenty Beauty”. Ugh, Rihanna, why did you have to reinvent the makeup industry? If she wasnt so busy transforming how people do their makeup, then maybe we would have some music. But hey, that fenty lip gloss is the business, and admittedly we all love a multifaceted girl boss. If Rihanna decided officially she never wanted to record another song again, she’d be fine. This woman has already left a forever mark on the world.

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