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Bad Bunny Makes His Vogue Cover Debut

Gettyimages | Taylor Hill
By kenadijiba

Who knew Bad Bunny beheld the magic powers of serving looks? At this point the man needs to make his “Pose” debut, and shut the whole show down. Now, we all knew that Bad Bunny had some sense of fashion, but after being on the cover of “Vogue” he’s shown everyone just how stylish he can be. With model Joan Smalls at his side, the two made a dynamic pairing. Bad Bunny’s girlfriend better watch out because the chemistry between these two was flaming hot.

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A Great Year

Gettyimages | RgStudio

This year so far despite the Coronavirus pandemic, has been a great one for the artist. His newly released album has been a major hit as has been illustrated by his audience, and he has established himself as a household name in Reggaeton. Through highlighting those who have been disenfranchised historically in his music videos, Bad Bunny has been a fantastic role model for future Latin X musicians. It really is beautiful to see his anticipated come up, and success.

Fashion Moves

Unsplash | freestocks

It is not surprising he’s finally splashed upon the sea of fashion. If you’ve taken the time to watch any interview of his, or go skim through his risque Instagram, you’ll understand that Bad Bunny isn't your average Joe. When someone has that “it” factor their shine is hard to contain. Although there are those who find him quite vulgar, and too much, Bad Bunny isn't slowing down anytime soon. With his album doing so well, the next move will probably tie into a tour.

A Pause


Whether that tour will actually come into fruition is another discussion. Coronavirus has managed to put a complete pause on every industry imaginable. Never before has this happened where the world has been muted. This eerie moment is not expected to last for an extended period of time, but there really is no way for the entertainment industry to fast forward and see how this all plays out. Productions of any sort must remain halted in order to protect the safety of all persons involved.

Bounce Back

Gettyimages | Al Bello

As for where Bad Bunny will go from here, when he does have the opportunity to announce a global tour, he’s probably going to be booked and busy for the better part of a year. After that's done, he has all the right in the world to take a nice break. Now, some might ascertain that what we as people are experiencing at the moment is a “break”, but there's nothing enjoyable about an uncontrollable virus. So, Bad Bunny do whatever it is you desire to do.

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