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Prince Charles Has Coronavirus, What Does It Mean For The Royal Family?

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By kenadijiba

For some reason the prospect of someone in the public eye having Coronavirus hits people harder, than when their neighbors contract it next door. That really is the power, and the measure of influence that public figures behold. One person who is more regal than famous has been diagnosed with the Coronavirus. To imagine that on top of all the scandal surrounding this controversial family, Coronavirus would rise to the top of it all, is staggering. With Meghan and Harry informally departing England and being relinquished from their usual duties, will their tone change?

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The Tension


Despite the hardships and the tension between Harry, his wife, and his family, he might have to make the hard choice of returning to England indefinitely. When the health of your own father is on the line, there has to be a change of heart. Surely Meghan will be understanding and possibly return to England as an act of compassion. They all now know where each other stands, from the Queen, to Kate, and so with that shiny new perspective on the horizon, maybe finally everyone can reconvene and get over quarrels of the past.

Prince Charles

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Now, just because Prince Charles has Corona does not mean he is dying. There are levels to everything, and if they can get a handle on it now, there is a high possibility he probably will return to a better standing. Sadly when moments like these occur, it's necessary to look out the dark side of the coin. If Prince Charles were to pass away, what does that mean for the future of English nobility, and history. He is the next in line for the throne.

Modern World

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It does feel slightly dated discussing the future of the kingdom in a very modern world. These titles do hold a place, but are nowhere near as influential compared to when the Tudors ruled. This isn't the 1600’s and although Queen Elizabeth is well respected, and an honorable woman, she doesn't call the shots. The prime minister is the guy all Englishmen and women should be paying attention to when major catastrophes plague the nation. He is the one who’s going to have a larger effect on working people's lives.

Being A Royal

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Even if the royal family isn't regarded in the same light of generations past, they still are living history. It is kind of nice to look at them and think that there's a line of interesting people who they descended from. Plus, “The Crown” has really sucked in younger people who before would have had no desire to understand the depths of British culture, and now can't get enough of it. Although this last season wasn't received too well, maybe the next one will be worth watching.

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