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Trump Tweets Out 'Congratulations America' And Social Media Erupts

Gettyimages | Drew Angerer
By kenadijiba

You would think that “Congratulations'' 99 percent of the time would hold a resounding positive connotation, apparently not. Americans are not here for Trump’s more recent tweet, but are we really surprised? One of the greatest complexities surrounding President Trump is how at will he is to speak his mind. On the left side of the coin that's what people love about him, and on the right, it's what people can't stand. He’s a controversial figure for a reason, and he probably won't ever be universally liked.

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Marketing Genius?


Honestly, what President has ever been universally beloved? Even Abraham Lincoln who pushed freedom for those who were enslaved has faced harsh criticism. So, it comes with the job, but does Trump do things to incite this type of negative response? Something that everyone can agree on despite political leanings is that Donald Trump is a marketing genius, with a big ego. To ascertain a certain level of success we all have to kind of stroke our egos from time to time.

Big Ego

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Think about it, for anyone to say with grandiose confidence they’d like, and are equipped to lead, “The United States of America” is a tad narcissistic. That doesn't automatically make for instance President Obama a terrible person, it just shows that he along with everyone who has been elected to office, has a bit of an ego. For citizens of America it's clear we need those types of thinkers. We need those who are strong enough to have an opinion on something that reflects our very own sentiments.

Relief Bill

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The hysteria surrounding this tweet in particular stems from the ongoing critcism around the recent Coronavirus centered relief bill. Republicans and Democrats had a hard time finding common ground on this, and obviously the American people couldn't understand what was so complex when it comes to providing those without stability, a renewed sense of ownership. But, anger has rained on Republican leaders for an excess amount of money falling into the hands of major corporations. It’s quite upsetting how even after something has passed, there’s persistent conflict.


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Don't we value the significance of differing viewpoints anymore? Maybe Trump truly believes that this plan was something to be congratulatory about. If so then that's his opinion and in America even the President shouldnt be devoid of having a perspective. There's not one person on this Earth who can be described as completely emotionless when it comes to having a stance on something. Now, can people be careless and not feel passion towards a plethora of subjects? Sure, but the majority of us feel.

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