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After Attending 'A Coronavirus Party' Someone Gets the Virus

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By kenadijiba

News broke with a story yesterday that seems too ridiculous to be true. We are living in bizarre times but to think a group of people would purposefully throw a Coronavirus themed party, and then eventually one person would contract it, sounds ludicrous. If anyone needs the last kick in the shin to convince them social distancing might be a good idea, then here it is. Please, don't go out and plan parties revolving around an illness that's literally taking lives.

Lack Of Common Sense

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Common sense apparently can't be taken for granted. Millennials, we are facing a pandemic, and a recession, that's not going to go away with the snap of a finger. This is real life stuff that could affect you and your families. Nobody is immune to getting this virus, and with the figures coming out of New York, and other countries, it's not the time to be joking around. Whoever threw this party hopefully now has been reality checked to the maximum.


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Interestingly enough this all went down in Kentucky. Although this state receives a bad rap in terms of stereotypes, it's actually very beautiful visually, and has some of the most sensible people running it. One of the governors whos’ received fantastic feedback concerning his response to the virus is Andy Beshear. The manner in which he’s tackled the news of this “party” in Kentucky has been with great care. His calm but also strong tone, and positive proclivity, is what’s helped people within the state feel comfortable.


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Some of the main criticism hitting President Trump at the moment ties back to how the local government is doing a better job of handling this catastrophe. More specifically Governor Cuomo of New York. His desire for social distancing and his backing of medical professionals, is what's pushed the narrative that Donald Trump might not be pulling his weight. At the end of the day what citizens need the most is for both local government, and the federal government, to do all they can for Americans.


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Paying attention to the CDC is a must. Don't get your information solely off of social media engines. That only will strike fear, and lead to intense anxiety that will not help this overall situation. Those who really understand the complexities of pandemics and how to control them, are the Doctors. Everyday they are working to the limit, and doing their best to find a cure for this virus. So, as citizens we should do our part and not exacerbate the problem.

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