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Why Celebrities Begin Trending Online

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By kenadijiba

The world is at a standstill and celebrity culture is the only thing we as Millennials have to cling to. Last night there was a random selection of beloved actors, singers, and social media stars, who were just flinging around in the media sphere for absolutely no reason. One of them was Leonardo Dicaprio which had people up in arms. With Coronavirus hitting our favs, there was that initial spark of confusion over whether Dicaprio might have contracted the illness. Thankfully all is well, and it was just an appreciative love fest.

Social Media

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Some of the “challenges” that have gone viral on social media recently are quite entertaining. One of them being the “until tomorrow” fiasco. Everyone on Instagram felt an eerie sensation once posts started to spill out with the cryptic note of “until tomorrow”. During these dark times it's not reassuring to see that type of message spread across all outlets, but like with most “challenges” this one was not drapped in anarchy. This was simply about people sharing an incredibly embarrassing photo that day, and then tomorrow explaining what it’s about.

Virtual Games


Another virtual game that has taken over the interwebs concerns choosing between a selected group of actors, and basically creating your own personal film. The combinations were kind of interesting, and movie producers should be skimming through them for original ideas. Speaking of the movie industry, it looks like they might not need a bailout. Since most movies are being produced through major streaming platforms, there is no real need for theatres. Now if someone is anticipating the debut of a new film, the living room is where it's at.

Celebrity Obsession

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As for the power celebrity culture holds over society, is it healthy? Why do we as people associate excitement and joy with people we have never met before? From very young and impressionable ages we are fed images and storylines revolving around these “special” beings, and in turn hold them to a higher standard. In recent times the obsession has become worse, and social media has a part in it. During the “Golden Age” Hollywood stars were beloved but not to these levels.

Old School Attitude

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In the early 50’s late 60’s there was an element of separation. People knew about Marilyn Monroe but they weren't so entrenched in her daily life, and what she believes. There was a time and place for gushing over these figures. Back in the day that isolated time would be when everyone decided on Friday after work they’d stop by the drive in, and watch “Gone With The Wind. Sure, there were probably women feigning over Clark Cable, and men gasping over Vivien Leigh’s beauty, but they all didn't go home and think, hey what do Clark and Vivien think about fascism.

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