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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Reach Out To Derick Dillard

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By danyellmarshall

Jim Bob Duggar and his wife Michelle have been living in the public eye for a long time. When they first began their television career, social media wasn't the daily tool it is today. The couple has had to catch up and learn a thing or two about the ins and outs of navigating this new world. They recently posted a birthday shout out to their son in law Derick Dillard that has their fans wondering what they're up to.

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Dericks Online Comments

Derick Dillard
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It's no secret that Derick Dillard has made some statements online that make his inlaws uncomfortable. Derick has welcomed members of the LGBTQ community to attend church with him which the Duggars would not approve of. He's also criticized Jazz Jennings which got him fired from TLC. More recently Derick has stirred up online comments by criticizing his father in law Jom Bob Duggar. He's implied that the family patriarch hoards the family's wealth and doles it out as he sees fit.

A Family Rift

The Duggar family in front of their Arkansas home
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In most marriages, relationships with inlaws can be tricky. In Derick Dillard's case he's caused some rifts between himself and his wife's family that fans are well aware of. When Derick got himself fired from the family's reality show it put a lot of tension on the family. Things got even tenser for Derick and Jill as Dillard took to social media to call Jim Bob out for allegedly hoarding the payments from his children's new reality show Counting On.

Jill Invited To An Event

Jill Duggar
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The tensions between the Dillards and the Duggars may finally be healing. At least it seemed that way recently when Jill popped up in photos of a family event on social media. The collection of women in the Duggar family all got together to have a lady's breakfast. While Jill didn't appear in many of the social media photos of the event a group shot proved that she was invited and chose to attend. Everyone looks to be having a great time.

Derick's Birthday

Derick and Jill DIllard
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Jim Bob and Michelle decided to wish their nearly estranged son in law a happy birthday: "Happy birthday, Derick! We’re so thankful for you! You’re a loving husband to our sweet Jill and a wonderful daddy to your boys. May God bless you in this new year!!" wrote the duggarfam official Instagram account. The also included a picture of Jill, Derick and their two boys. This struck fans as more than a little odd considering they haven't posted about their other inlaws.

Inspired By Comments

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar
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After seeing the out of character birthday shout out to Derick some fans are wondering if Jim Bob and Michelle may have made a calculated move. Some speculate the pair may have spent some time reading fan comments online. Many have criticized the Duggar's treatment of their children and inlaws. Some think the birthday shout out and even inviting JIll to the ladies' breakfast was just a calculated public relations move meant to improve their image and not motivated by love.

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