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Jamie Lynn Spears waves at the camera

Britney Spears' Sister Jamie Lynn Keeps Busy In Tiny Shorts During Coronavirus

Alessio Botticelli/Getty Images
By Rebecca Cukier

Britney Spears little sister Jamie Lynn has been keeping mega busy during the coronavirus pandemic. The 28-year-old singer and actress hasn't actually gotten all that much credit for her COVID-19 donations – it was Jamie Lynn who tagged "Toxic" singer sister Britney in the #DoYourPart Challenge, with Britney winding up front-page news as she offered to pay for diapers and food as millions face hard times due to the coronavirus.

Jamie Lynn also offered to foot the bill for wipes, diapers, and food – and she's still doing it. As to how the new Netflix star has been keeping herself busy, well, it was all shown on Instagram this week.

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Hollywood Never Spoiled This Family

Jamie Lynn Spears takes a selfie
Jamie Lynn Spears/Instagram

Jamie Lynn's Thursday Instagram video (seen below) showed her hard at work while at home – the "Sweet Magnolias" star is social distancing amid coronavirus, spending the time with her family. Youngest daughter Ivey was featured as Jamie Lynn cleaned out her infant's car seat – the Spears sisters may have millions to their name, but the old-fashioned, hard-working Southerner spirit never left these girls.

Jamie Lynn wore teeny tiny shorts showing off her super-shapely and tan legs, also rocking a white t-shirt and sandals as she cleaned up in front of the garage.

If All You Do Is 'Feel The Sun', Do It

Jamie Lynn Spears running
Jamie Lynn Spears/Instagram

Jamie Lynn's caption shared what she'd been up to, but it likewise offered a little hope for others. The blonde wrote that even "if you're only able to walk out your front door and feel the sun," that you should give it a go – "just get some fresh air," she added.

The video clocked over 102,000 views in nine hours, also bringing in a ton of comments. Clearly, many came from other moms going out their minds as they try and keep the kids busy.

Paying For Your Diapers, Food, Plus Doordash Deliveries

Britney Spears speaks into the camera
Britney Spears/Instagram

Jamie Lynn hasn't stopped with the reach-out during coronavirus. A post made earlier this week saw the mom of two offer to pay for Doordash deliveries – she said she's still checking DMs.

"We have been able to help so many people with the #doyourpartchallenge. I’m so thankful to DoorDash and #openfordelivery for giving us gift card codes to send out to families in need. I’m still going through my DMs and will be selecting some people to send gift cards to! I also challenge @jessiejamesdecker, @justinanderson, @kristincavallari and @brittneykelley to do the same and pay it forward ❤️," Jamie Lynn wrote.

IMPORTANT Safety Warning If You're Ordering Takeout

Jamie Lynn Spears poses in shorts
Jamie Lynn Spears/Instagram

The celeb Doordash donations have been going strong, with Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, plus Demi Lovato stepping up to the plate.

Demi's post came with a particularly important piece of info. The 27-year-old singer wrote the following – please share it if anyone you know is ordering takeout. Remember, over 23,000 people have died worldwide from coronavirus.

"if ordering food through a delivery service PLEASE select the leave at door option, wash your hands after grabbing the order for at least 20-40 seconds, and wipe down the packaging and surfaces that it touches."

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