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Former couple Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

Was Amber Heard Having An Affair with Elon Musk?

Gettyimages | Jason Merritt/TERM
By Angelic Conoscere

The public has seen the ugly split between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. There has been claims of abuse from both parties and even more absurd stories that have been told. The Fantastic Beasts star also claimed in his defamation suit against his former partner that she had been cheating on him. Not long after her marriage to Depp was over the actress had shortly began a relationship with Elon Musk although things did not last long between the two of them.

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Johnny's Court Documents

Johnny Depp in a white suit at an event
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Johnny Depp had filed court documents in March of 2019 that gave specific details about the relationship between Heard and Musk. Depp stated that nearly one month after the two had wed Amber began seeing the Space X founder. The actor states that he was filming a movie outside of the United States in March 2015. Personnel of the building complex that Depp and Heard were living in had testified that the actress allowed Musk to visit her during the night.


Amber Heard at an airport
Gettyimages | Marc Piasecki

Not only did the actress allow Musk to enter Depp's penthouse but she had asked the staff to give the tech mogul access to the parking garage and the elevator. They followed her requests not knowing that years later those staff members would testify on the behalf of her former husband. The staff also revealed that Musk accompanied the actress until the next morning. The late night visit occurred not long after Depp requested the two enter a post-nuptial agreement which resulted in the actress throwing a vodka bottle at him.

Just Friends?

Amber Heard at Comic Con
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Although what happened behind the doors of Depp's penthouse is only known by Heard and Musk the two have claimed that in May of 2016 is when they started seeing each other. A representative for Elon Musk stated that them seeing each other was "infrequent" and romance between the two did not occur until later on. However, images that have obtained may help Depp's claim that Heard was intimately involved with Musk. Images captured the pair in the penthouse elevator in a rather close manner.

The Images

Johnny Depp singing on stage
Gettyimages | Daniel Knighton

The still images shows the actress in a bathing suit with a cover up. She places her head on Musk while he places his arms around her. The Alice in Wonderful actor has requested for a subpoenaed for Elon's text messages to possibly see the type of friendship he had with Amber while Johnny was still married to her. Text messages and voice recordings have been leaked to the media in recent months that has the actress admitting to hitting Depp. At the moment it is unclear the nature of the relationship between Heard and Musk but abuse had definitely been occurring during their marriage.

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