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Sommer Ray at an event

Sommer Ray Sizzles In Yoga Pants By A Cupcake ATM

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
By Rebecca Cukier

Sommer Ray brought a little ray of sunshine to Instagram today, although the cupcake experience didn't go too well for the 23-year-old fitness model. Sommer updated her account on Thursday with a trip to a Sprinkles cupcake ATM – the model didn't clarify if her post was a throwback, although she has clarified observing social distancing amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The update kicked off to a promising start as this social media sensation showcased her sizzling frame (and cupcakes seemed to be on the menu).

When those machines malfunction, though, they malfunction.

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Quick Trip To The Sprinkles ATM Starts Well

Sommer Ray poses by a cupcake machine
Sommer Ray/Instagram

Keep scrolling for the video.

Sommer opened her post with some snaps of herself posing by a pink Sprinkles ATM. Given that Sommer recently admitted to eating nothing but Lucky Charms – "breakfast, lunch, and dinner" – for two days straight, it seems understandable that she was craving something else.

Sommer way looking sensational, seen channeling a distinct '80s vibe via dark blue yoga pants and a hoodie, neon thick socks, plus white sneakers. Several snaps showed her pumped for what the dispenser would provide. The final video showed a fairly miserable end.

Swipe all the way right for the video action.

'Cupcake Deams Got Crushed'

Sommer Ray poses in a shirt
Sommer Ray/Instagram

The videos then showed Sommer trying to navigate the ATM's touch screen. A female voice was heard in the background – "Sommer what are you doing? Are you at your own concert right now?" Ray was asked as she delivered a goofy dance.

A further swipe showed a more real situation as the star attempted to get her treat – but to no avail. The machine appeared broken.

No white chocolate raspberry for Sommer, with or without the $5.99.

"I was the happiest ever & then my cupcake hopes n dreams got crushed," Sommer captioned the post.

Fans Are Asking How Her Teeth Are So White

Sommer Ray poses on the beach
Sommer Ray/Instagram

Comments proved interesting as the videos racked up views, with the post itself clocking over 214,000 likes in an hour.

"I thought I was the only one who stands with my legs that far apart when I'm waiting for stuff," one fan wrote.

"How are your teeth so white, Jesus. I wish mine were that good," another said.

The stunner's fabulous figure and million-dollar smile seemed to have won over the bulk of fans, though: "So gorg," one wrote, with another adding; "Prettiest girl alive."

Yes, the scenario got noticed.

"Not the cupcakes 😭," one fan wrote.

People Are Mad, She 'Never' Replies

Sommer Ray poses in a sports bra and thong
Sommer Ray/Instagram

There's an ongoing theme in the comments section to Sommer's posts. Quite simply, fans seem convinced that the model will never reply to her fans – "Bet she won't reply" is frequently seen. It's also not an accurate assumption. Just yesterday, Sommer posted a wowing bikini shorts workout to Beyonce. When a fan pointed out the star's posture, Sommer personally replied – she was working on an incline, although it wasn't quite visible.

She's been dubbed "Not your average Instagram model" by Forbes – and for a reason. Sommer now boasts 24.6 million followers. For more from her, check out her account.

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