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Julie Andrews Likens the Unity Surrounding the Coronavirus Pandemic to World War II

Gettyimages | VINCENZO PINTO
By Zachary Holt

No matter what background people come from, or what they're political beliefs are, the world tends to come together during times of tragedy or crisis. Events that come to mind include the likes of September 11 or the assassination of John F. Kennedy. It's just what the world does.

Right now, with the coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc, we're seeing the same sort of unity. According to the award-winning actress, Julie Andrews, that unity reminds her of when she was a young child during one of the most tumultuous times in our history: World War II.

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Andrews Reveals She's Been Adhering to Public Health Recommendations

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Andrews appeared on 'Good Morning America' where she spoke to host Michael Strahan about her thoughts on the coronavirus pandemic, as well as, her new Netflix series that's set to come out in the near future. Regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, though, the actress shared that she and her family were taking the proper precautions like 'self-quarantining' and practicing 'social distancing'.

"We’re being very good and absorbing all the rules," Andrews said to Strahan. While she hasn't slowed down since being quarantined, she's still been able to connect with friends and family, along with work associates through email, video conferencing, phone calls, among other means.

The Actress Explains the World's Current Unity Reminds Her of World War II

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During this difficult time, people have shown an unprecedented amount of compassion for others, whether that's through volunteering or donating to charities for coronavirus relief. The world truly has come together and Andrews has taken notice.

"There’s just so much out there at the moment and people being so wonderful and bonding," Andrews continued. "This is so much, to me, World War II in a way. I’m very much reminded of that because I was around at that time, believe it or not. And the sense of unity that it provides and the way people do bond and get together is just phenomenal."

Andrews Offers a Message of Hope For People, Encourages Kindness

Gettyimages | Theo Wargo

The former 'Mary Poppins' actress also sent out a message of hope to people in the world, encouraging kindness and compassion while we all work together to get through the pandemic. "I send my fondest love to everyone," she emotionally shared with the program.

"Stay safe. Follow the rules. Be compassionate and kind if you can, which… I think everybody is. Keep in touch, reach out. Find the way you can reach out, which is what I’m doing as much as possible." Additionally, Andrews made sure to let people know it's okay to get comfortable by enjoying your favorite foods amid lockdown.

Her Netflix Series Will Focus on Children and Family Learning Together

Gettyimages | Jim Spellman

Andrews, herself, admitted to overindulging on food while she's stuck inside. "I overeat, I’m afraid," the actress said, referring to what she does to cope with the anxiety from being quarantined. "A lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are going on at this house. And cups of tea!" Andrews revealed.

As for her new Netflix series? It's a children's show titled 'Julie's Greenhouse', which is a program geared at teaching kids and other family members how to learn together, something she believes the coronavirus pandemic is already helping with.

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