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These YouTube Channels Will Soothe Your Soul During Social Distancing

Unsplash | Sebastian Unrau
By A. Elise

With so many people around the world self-quarantining and maintaining social distance in the midst of COVID-19, many people are also experiencing side effects. Those effects include depression, anxiety, and stress often related to job loss, health concerns, and social isolation.

While those feelings are totally natural right now, it's also a good time to immerse yourself in some healthy, positive distractions. These YouTube channels give you a good starting point for soothing your soul and relaxing while being socially responsible.

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Woman meditating on bed
Gettyimages | Jasmina007

Do you struggle to meditate on your own? Guided meditations can help you focus your mind and relax your body. Fortunately, you will find many meditation channels on YouTube.

Take Michael Sealey's channel, for instance. His guided meditations help you focus for a specific reason. Current videos include those to let go of worries, fall asleep fast, calm an overactive mind, and let go of negative attachments. The goal of these videos is to immerse yourself in the moment and become more mindful.


Person stretching on yoga mat
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Fitness channels are also widely available on YouTube. Whether you want to get more flexible, relax with yoga, or build strength, exercise can be done at home with minimal equipment.

Boho Beautiful is just one channel offering free yoga videos, each one guided to help you stretch and discover your physical freedom. Some of her videos focus on building abdominal strength, coping with uncertain times, and greeting the morning. She even has some pilates workouts you can do if the gym is unavailable.

Other fitness channels offering free videos include Blogilates, Tone It Up, and Megsquats.


Giphy | Stassi

If you are somebody who loves to listen to ASMR videos, you have plenty to choose from on YouTube. Some channels, like The ASMR Psychologist incorporate aspects of hypnotherapy and ASMR to calm you down. Current videos on her channel focus on worry, anxiety, anger, comfort, hope, and even body aches.

Do you want something more traditional but still with some of the aspects of ASMR? Throw on some old Bob Ross painting videos. His voice is calming and inspires hope.

Nature Sounds

Sun shining in the rainforest
Gettyimages | Ghislain & Marie David de Lossy

The sounds of nature can also be very calming, especially when you feel isolated inside your home. You can benefit from going outside, even if it is only virtually. Relaxing Sounds of Nature is one great place to start, as there are types of nature sounds from all different environments. Explore a foggy autumn forest, snowy trees, thunderstorms, mountain meadows, and gentle streams.

There are plenty of other nature sound videos and channels online you can explore if you want to listen while you read, sleep, or work on art projects. Channels like these can get you through some of the ongoing stress right now.

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