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Billy Porter

Fairy Godmother Gets a Change With Billy Porter

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison
By Tia Kitchens

Billy Porter is someone that has dared to show that gender doesn't mean anything. He isn't afraid to show that through his clothing. He is best know for his role as Lola in Kinky Boots A broadway musical. He has gathered a collection of awards including a Tony, Emmy, and a Grammy. He is well on his way to collecting them all.

And it looks like the 50 year old isn't looking to slow down either. With his new exciting role as the Fairy Godmother.

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Billy Porter
Gettyimages | Kevork Djansezian

His fans see him as a gender-nonconforming LGBTQ advocate. He idetiefies as a gay man and he has made it a point to stand up for the LBBTQ+ community. No matter what he wants to make sure they are represented in the media.

“If you’re a woman wearing pants, you’re inside of the standard, and that’s cool. But if a man decides to put on female clothes, it’s disgusting. So what are we saying? Once again, male is better and female is disgusting… My masculinity is in question because masculinity is better? F**k that, it ain’t.” He told Esquire about his style.

Billy Porter
Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

Now he is going to come to the big screen as a new Fairy Godmother. Right now he's been calling his role the part of Fab G to keep it genderless. Which is kind of really cool with everything.

He thinks the younger generation is ready for some change. “This is a classic, this is a classic fairytale for a new generation,” Porter said about his role. “I think that the new generation is really ready. The kids are ready. It’s the grownups that are slowing stuff down.”

Giphy | Tony Awards

He also wants to show how the reboot of Cinderella shows where we are as a world right now.

“I think it’s really special and important when we revisit these classic stories and fairy tales and things of that nature that they reflect where the culture is today, where the world is today… This version of it is very much about the empowerment of women and the idea that women don’t need a man to validate their existence on the planet.”

Which we can agree with. We want to see this change and we think it is good that we see it.

Billy Porter
Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

He isn't the only one that is going to be a famous face in this though. Camila Cabello will be making her acting debut as well. She will be playing the lead role of Cinderella. It shows another difference from the typically white role by giving diversity.

Idina Menzel (Evil Step Mother), Pierce Brosnan (King Rowan), Minnie Driver (Queen Beatrice), and additionally, John Mulaney, James Corden, and Missy Elliot will make appearances as well.

Cinderella's prince will be played by Nicholas Galitzine who is a new upcoming actor.

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