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Is Netflix's "Tiger King" Show Worth The Watch?

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By Mario Perez

If you are looking for a new show to binge-watch in these quarantine times the new Netflix series Tiger King may just be your cup of tea. It is one of those stories that really takes some very strange turns while shedding some light on a world that is seemingly known to very few.

This is a show that has basically been endorsed by top celebs like Kim Kardashian and that is one of the reasons it has gotten so much media attention over the last few days.

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What To Expect From The Show


In writing, this article spoilers are something that is trying to be avoided at all costs. What can be said about this documentary to make sure that you get the picture straight before you watch is that it follows the story of a man who is basically a poor man's version of Sigfried and Roy.

When you don't Vegas dollars in your pocket to feed an addiction to wild animals you have to result to some sketchy ways to obtain these animals. These methods may or may not include murder.

Why It is Getting Celebrity Endrosements

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Sunday Kim Kardashian took to Twitter to ask the Twitterverse if anyone was binge-watching the show. This little incident really caused the show's popularity to surge. To be honest it almost seemed that Kim was really scraping the bottom of the barrel when she found this show.

Overall, the amazement with this show seems to be just how bizarre the entire story is. It is one of those stories that would be fit for almost a comic book or science fiction narrative.

Joe Exotic

Gettyimages | The Washington Post

The show basically follows the rise and fall of "Joe Exotic". His real name is Joe Maldonado-Passage. He was once the proud owner of the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma. Where he kept a large number of wild animals. This man created a business around his personal image. He licensed his likeness to produce merchandise and even music videos and albums.

Of course, due to the nature of his business, he ends butting heads with animal rights activists. Oh yeah by the way he is also a bit of a gun aficionado so, that leads a little to his down fall.

Is It Worth The Watch?

Unsplash | Thibault Penin

It is one of those shows that could be a good Sunday binge if you are trying to take some time off from your regular series watch. Especially in these times where people are just scrambling to find new content because they are pretty bored of rewatching the same shows.

It is not one of those shows that you should just drop what you are doing and go see it. It is also not a family-friendly show. That is another thing to keep in mind. If you have time though, it can be an interesting watch!

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