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'Friends' Star Courteney Cox Reveals She Doesn't Remember Her Time On The Hit Show

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By Ben Robinson III

Remember earlier this year when the most shocking news we all received was that hit 90's sitcom Friends was ripped away from Netflix's lineup? Yeah, that seemed like a simpler time before a pandemic ravaged our word and left us stuck in the house. But all that aside, there's something nostalgic about watching the series on repeat, letting it rip all the way from season one until that last trip to the coffee house at the end of season 10.

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Friends, the NBC Thursday night staple which debuted in September 1994, was a hugely successful series that launched the careers of all its main cast including Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry. They all went on to do movies and television, and the show's popularity still remains in tact just as much as it did back when it first premiered. As a matter of fact, it's finding a new audience within a younger generation of viewers.


CTV News reports that Friends' new fan base are young girls whose parents, presumably members of Generation X, watched the show during its original run back in the 1990s;

In an era when everyone assumed they would move on to YouTube and Instagram video, young girls have embraced the series and its old-fashioned, studio-audience, sitcom format, bingeing its 10 seasons on Netflix through their tablets and phones, wearing T-shirts with the show's logo and constantly quoting catch-phrases.

And even though the show looks dated, the jokes still hit and make everyone cackle with laughter.

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"It is old but you can't tell that much when you're watching," said 15-year-old Sammy Joyce of Long Beach, California. "It's too funny to care about how old it is."

Let's not forget that the show debuted almost thirty years ago and ended almost 20 years ago. Although it's accessible through re-runs and streaming the 90's and early aughts were a long time ago. And star Courteney Cox is shocking fans of the series by admitting she doesn't remember that time in her life when she portrayed neurotic chef Monica Gellar.

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CNN reports that during a segment of Jimmy Kimmel's late night talk show he and Cox discussed Friends, to which she made a shocking revelation,

"I don't remember even being on the show, I have such a bad memory," she laughed, adding, "I remember obviously loving everybody there and having fun and I remember certain times of my life. I was there, but I don't remember episodes." Cox said she has started binge watching the show, which she purchased on Amazon Prime.

Oh. My. GOD! Could this BE anymore disappointing?

Check out the entire Kimmel segment below (at the 7:29 mark)

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