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Reese Witherspoon Dishes on 'Self-Quarantining' with Kids, Setting Boundaries

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By Zachary Holt

Self-quarantining has undoubtedly been hard on families. Not just because parents are struggling with not being able to work and maintain a steady stream of income, but also because parents and their children are having to adjust to unprecedented amounts of time together.

Anybody that's been on a vacation with their family for too long knows this can cause a number of problems and incessant arguing. It's about as guaranteed as death and taxes. Well, Reese Witherspoon and her family are no different. Recently, the actress appeared on Miley Cyrus' podcast 'Bright Minded' to discuss how they're adjusting to being together more often amid self-quarantine recommendations.

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Witherspoon Confesses That She Has 'Good Days' and 'Bad Days' Amid Quarantine Situation

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The 'Little Fires Everywhere' actress expressed that she's not perfect and has her bad days sometimes. Witherspoon is currently sharing their home with her husband, Jim Toth, her 20-year-old daughter home from college, Ava, and her two sons, Deacon and Tennessee. "I definitely have good days and bad days," Witherspoon confessed to Cyrus.

The actress also spoke about how hard its been on her daughter having to reacclimate to being back at home after developing an independent lifestyle while in college at Stanford University.

The Actress Explains Reacclimating to Life at Home Has Been Difficult For Ava

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"She was living her own life. Now she can’t see her friends," Witherspoon explained. I think a lot about people who are coming home from college — that’s a time where you are trying to individuate. You have to actually kind of move away from your parents’ ideas, you have to move away from their structure and their routine, and create your own and now you have to go backwards. That must be so frustrating to lose that independence."

And while it's certainly hard on Ava, Witherspoon explained that all of the family members are having to learn to set boundaries and give each other the space they deserve, citing it's all about respect and understanding in this difficult time.

'I Try to Be Patient, You Know, They Try to Be Patient with Me...'

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"I try to be patient, you know, and they try to be patient with me, but we’re only on day 11," the actress said about understanding boundaries and space during the self-quarantine. "I don’t know what’s gonna happen. I don’t know."

Witherspoon's youngest doesn't seem phased by the company, though. She explained that Tennessee loves having his older siblings around. "[He’s] so happy because his 16-year-old brother and sister are home all day," she continued. Of course, that's probably an isolated opinion.

Witherspoon Believes Boundaries and Guidelines Are Important For the Family

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Returning to the subject of ensuring space and boundaries, Witherspoon explained how important it was for each of them, with the kids continuing their school work from home and the Witherspoon and her husband working. "I think it’s really important to designate space," she explained.

"My husband and I are both working from home and all three kids are doing school online. So everybody has a room that has a little area and there’s a privacy sign there, so when the privacy sign is on and your headphones are on, you can’t interrupt. You have to have rules. We have guidelines on the wall for your family, just so we respect each other’s space."

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