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Wendy Williams at a SiriusXM event

Lamar Odom Announces Reality Show, Wendy Williams Says What We're All Thinking

Gettyimages | Astrid Stawiarz
By Kay Lewis

Things have been going well for Lamar Odom since he got clean again and found new love with his fiancé Sabrina Parr. Now, the couple have announced that will have a reality TV show. Lamar shared the news on his Instagram with a cute video of the couple who looked like they just came back from some form of physical activity. Sabina and Lamar stated that they wanted to share their lives with the fans. The post was captioned, “Come rock with us and watch us put all the speculations to rest 🎥 🎥🎥 New Series coming Spring 2020 exclusively on @forusbyusnetwork @hotnewhiphop.”

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Lamar Odom walking the red carpet at an event
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Unfortunately, for the couple, the video sounded like one of those videos you make when people are hating on your relationship and you go live to prove it’s true love. At one point, Sabrina even says “you’ll really see our true love. We’re both imperfect people”. It looks like Wendy Williams was able to sniff out the garbage and shared her thoughts. Wendy announced that her show will come back in one capacity or another and thankfully it came back at just the right time.

Lamar Odom and Sabrina Parr at an event
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During Wendy’s at-home version of her popular segment “Hot Topics” she commented what everyone was thinking after Lamar’s announcement. "All right, so, Lamar Odom and Sabrina Parr, they are documenting their relationship on FUBU," this is a new network that we can only assume is associated with the black-owned clothing brand popular in the 90s and early 2000s. The host went on to shade the couples upcoming show. “Now, I don't know what that is. ... And Lamar and Sabrina, nobody cares about y'all's relationship.”


Wendy even took the time out to shade Sabrina for claiming to be a life coach but having multiple arrests. “Sabrina is a life coach, but she's got a whole bunch of arrest pictures at the police precinct.” She then went on to shade Lamar over some of the conflicting things he has said. “Lamar says he's a sex addict and they say they don't want to have sex until they get married.” Wendy also called out Lamar for being more concerned with reality TV then his “grown” kids.

Lamar Odom and Sabrina Parr shopping
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“Lamar has two kids here in New York, grown. I don't know what kind of time he spends with these kids. You know what, I feel dirty doing the story.” Yikes, it looks like Wendy had a lot to say. So much so, that she made herself feel “dirty”. Wendy said what we were all thinking which is the norm for her. Sabrina shared a little more information about the show on her Instagram page. She claims that fans can expect the show in the not coming weeks but did not share an actual premiere date.

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