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After Limiting Capacities, AMC Theatres Has Decided To Furlough CEO and Staff During Pandemic

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By Nora Pattugalan

Hoping for a better future, we are all used to seeing businesses thrive all over the world. Times have drastically changed however. In America, with recent decisions of social distancing and quarantine, businesses with seemingly large capacities of visitors and customers were ordered to limit their amounts by half. This helped prevent the spread of the now deadly virus COVID-19. Relying on time, businesses, schools, and other public areas have now been closed off to preserve the health and safety of people.

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When it comes to enjoyment and gatherings, people would typically make time to go to a movie theater and enjoy the latest film and see what all the hype is about. That has come to a halt. For one of the largest movie theater chains, the higher-ups for AMC, has called for a furlough as an emergency decision in order to protect its employees and the financial stability of the company. About six hundred employees were furloughed. Cinemas were forced to closed down.

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Subsequently, the closing of locations left AMC Entertainment Holdings with zero revenues, but there is still room for backup plans. CEO Adam Aron employees of the headquarters in Leawood, Kansas are affected by the furlough. For all other employees, just like everyone else experiencing the wrath of COVID-19 have been given shorter work hours, no hours, or no pay. Due to the statewide orders and regulations during COVID-19, the closure of theaters will affect hundreds to thousands of employees financially.

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For all other movie theaters, the discussion is endless. John Fithian, the president and CEO of the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) has declared a possibility to save workers of movie theater corporations. Due to the furlough, Fithian hopes to provide unemployment benefits and more with approval by the government. The release of recent movies has been stopped because of COVID-19 although streaming services such as Amazon Prime have released highly anticipated movies which were previously in theaters.

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For movies set for production, have release dates ready, or in pre-production, the pandemic has hindered their progress. For the safety of individuals, films in production were shut down and the future of those films are to be determined. Films which were in pre-production were placed on hold. COVID-19 has affected the movie industries as well as cast and crew members hired for such roles. Nonetheless, there are plenty of films to enjoy on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Netflix, and more. Movie goers will have to enjoy what is readily available in the meantime.

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