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Did Kim Kardashian Throw Shade at her Sisters Kourtney and Kendall?

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By Ben Robinson III

When you come from a big family it's inevitable that there will be a few fights along the way. Especially when you take into account the various number of personalities it takes to make a family, disagreements can't be avoided. Now, imagine that you have these same issues but you live your life in the public eye. Everything you do becomes scrutinized under the watchful eye of the paparazzi and you're left with very little privacy to iron out your issues.

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This has always been the case with the large clan of Kardashians and Jenners, featuring sisters Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kylie and Kendall (along with brother Rob). Their names are always in the news for a multitude of reasons, primarily because of the public's desire for behind the scenes knowledge about their daily lives. And whether it's a new business venture, or a new bit of drama, the Kardashian sisters are never too far away from our newsfeeds with some type of story that grabs everybody's attention.

For eighteen seasons the Kardashians have been gracing television screens with their highly popular E! series Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and every year it seems like their family drama increases exponentially. And in this season's premiere, slated to debut tonight, there seems to be a bit of rift between sisters Kim, Kourtney and Kendall. Hollywood Life reports that Kim made a remark that left her sisters Kourtney and Kendall seething with anger. And Kourtney was ready to come to blows over it.


In a new preview for from Thursday’s season 18 premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians Kim Kardashian is on the receiving end of an expletive-filled response from Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner‘s after she seems to imply that the two wouldn’t be there for their mom, Kris Jenner in times of need. The argument is centered around Kim’s claim that her sisters’ work ethic is hindered because Kourtney “doesn’t care about anything” and Kendall’s “anxiety,” which fans have watched her struggle with on the family’s hit reality show.

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That's when Kourtney could no longer hold her tongue.

Kourtney then chimes in when Kim tries to reiterate her point and claims that Kourtney doesn’t “care about stuff.”

“You act like I don’t do s–t! You have this narrative in your mind… I will literally f–k you up if you mention it again,” the Poosh founder goes off. Meanwhile, Kim is laughing, which sparks Kourtney to unleash her wrath.

Looks like the Kardashians are ready to start a new career as lady boxers, which may be a good look since everything they do turns to gold.

Check out a clip below and tune into Keeping Up With The Kardashians Thursdays at 8pm on E!.

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