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Sarah Hyland on the beach in a bikini

Sarah Hyland Sizzles In Black Bra For Power Push-Ups During Coronavirus Quarantine

Sarah Hyland/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Sarah Hyland is quarantined like the rest of us. The "Modern Family" actress is behind closed doors on account of the novel coronavirus now responsible for over 22,000 deaths worldwide – worth noting is that due to Sarah's multiple health conditions and double kidney transplant, the 29-year-old has a compromised immune system and therefore classifies as an "at risk" individual.

Sarah updated her Instagram stories on Wednesday, sharing a power of a workout challenge – and it wasn't a few jumping jacks.

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Prepping In A Black Bra And Denim Shorts

Sarah Hyland in a bra and shorts
Sarah Hyland/Instagram

The videos showed Sarah in her home and kicking things off by removing her black jacket to reveal a skimpy look – Sarah was showcasing her slender frame in a black bra and frayed pair of denim shorts.

"Ok, so Nicole Scherzinger, uh, challenged me a couple days ago," the star began, adding that it was a "See 10 do 10" challenge.

Sarah was in a living area and on a wooden floor, also seen with her dog as she got down to business, eventually showing off some pretty insane body strength.

Actually Busts Out 10 Push-Ups

Sarah Hyland doing push-ups
Sarah Hyland/Instagram

And if you do them, you'll know it's harder than it looks.

"So I'm gonna try do this Nicole, just for you," Sarah said as she got down on the floor, spread her arms equally apart, and began the pretty impressive and controlled reps of push-ups. Sarah's dog appeared walking around as she delivered the moves, but the ABC star didn't waver as she kept her head down.

"This is the first time I've worked out in two weeks..." Sarah wrote to accompany the video.

'Panicked' Over Corona After Two Kidney Transplants And 16 Surgeries

Gettyimages | Leon Bennett

Sarah has opened up on her fears regarding contracting the virus. The star has kidney dysplasia, having undergone an estimated 16 surgeries in her life, including two kidney transplants – a 2016 one saw the star reject a kidney donated by a family member, although the 2017 one went through successfully.

"I am obviously immunocompromised with my transplant history and am on immunosuppressants," the actress said on the "Brad Behavior" podcast.

Even a "24 hour" bug can affect her, she continued, saying: "I get it for a week or more. For me, it's really dangerous."

Speaks On Behalf Of Those With Compromised Immune Systems

Sarah Hyland takes a bikini selfie
Sarah Hyland/Instagram

Sarah continued:

"My panic level is pretty high. But I also have a lot of health issues that are very susceptible to stress. So I'm trying to remain calm."

The actress then spoke on behalf of the millions whose compromised immune systems place them at greater risk of either being very sick or dying should they contract COVID-19.

"I feel like I have a responsibility to speak on behalf of the young and healthy looking immunocompromised people out there."

"I believe people in our positions should get paid time off right now, for we are the ones in danger. We are the ones who will become the number of deaths that are rising, that you see every day," she added, concluding:

"I know it is a hard line in the sand to draw but I truly believe if we are going to beat this we need to be home."

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