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'Tiger King' Joe Exotic Transferred to New Facility Amid Netflix Controversy

Joe Exotic / Facebook
By Gary Trock

The Tiger King is out of his cage! However, he'll soon once again be locked in another cage as Joe Exotic is being transferred to a new facility while serving out his 22-year prison sentence. The star of the hit Netflix documentary, "Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness," Joe Exotic had been serving his time at Grady County Jail in Chickasha, OK since last year, when he was arrested and eventually convicted on a murder-for-hire plot and numerous wildlife violations.

On Thursday morning it was revealed that Exotic had been transferred out of Grady County Jail and was most likely headed to a state prison to serve his time.

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Where Is He Going?

Joe Exotic / Facebook

Joe Exotic being transferred out of Grady County Jail was revealed via the Facebook page he has been using to keep in touch with fans. Exotic gets library time where he is allowed to access certain pages on the internet and the eccentric former zookeeper was not shy about connecting with fans and ranting against his enemies, including Carole Baskin.

Someone close to the situation posted that they had received a message from Exotic's husband, Dillon Passage, about his transfer out of Grady County Jail.

"I just recieved [sic] a text From Dillon (Joe's husband); Dillon was just notified that Joe is being transferred and will be back on Facebook as soon as he gets settled," the message read.

It's currently unclear where Exotic is headed, but those who follow his case closely believe he will be transferred to a nearby prison.

Proclaiming His Innocence

Joe Exotic / Instagram

Joe Exotic has felt empowered since the airing of "Tiger King," even though he has been unable to see the 7-part docu-series for himself. He recently posted a message to the jury who convicted him back in January, which led to a sentence of 22 years in prison.

"I hope you watched the NetFlix Series "Tiger King" and you see now how the Federal Agents and attorneys Blinded you from the truth. They kept you from seeing the real witnesses and seeing the real evidence in order to get you to Convict an innocent man," Exotic wrote to the jury.

Jeff Lowe

Jeff Lowe / Instagram

If there's anyone Joe Exotic hates more than Carole Baskin these days, it's his ex-zoo partner Jeff Lowe.

As we reported, Exotic just filed a lawsuit against Lowe and the federal agents who investigated him ... and is demanding $73 million dollars.

In his plea to the jury on Facebook, Exotic once again went in on Lowe, who still owns the GW Zoo after getting it from the reality star.

"I am being sent to Prison because a seasoned con man wanted my zoo so bad for free that he set me up in a plan he devised to look like I participated in his murder for hire scheme to get me out of his way to take over. His right hand man and co-conspirator who helped devise the plan to avoid animal related charges himself, admitted under oath that he was offered 100k to get rid of me."

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