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Ramona Singer and her ex-husband, Mario Singer, have been self-isolating together in NCY, according to reports.

'RHONY' Star Ramona Singer Quarantines with Ex-Husband Mario

Gettyimages | Taylor Hill
By Brenda Neugent

Ramona Singer was married to her ex-husband Mario Singer for 23 years when she caught her husband cheating with a much younger socialite named Kasey Dexter. Initially, "The Real Housewife of New York" star attempted to work on her relationship, and the two went to counseling to try to get past the betrayal. They finally split officially on August 7 of 2014, when Mario slipped up and had another date with the woman he'd been cheating with. Ramona said at the time that her marriage to her longtime love was over.

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Ramona Singer has been dating since her divorce, but hasn't met anyone serious.
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The two had been trying to make things better. "We were working very hard on our relationship and making great progress," Ramona told Us Weekly, and said that she and her ex - who share daughter Avery, now 24 - were seeing real results from the work they'd put into their relationship during the 14 weeks that the two had spent in therapy. "It was really working well, and then I got the feeling that he started seeing her again." 60-year-old Mario, it seems, had used up his chances with wife 57-year-old Ramona. But he could get just one more opportunity to win back his ex-wife.

Ramona Singer poses with her daughter, Avery.
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Currently, the entire family is in self-quarantine during the coronavirus outbreak. Page Six revealed the information more than a week ago, after catching one of Avery Singer's Instagram Live posts from her dad's home, where the family is playing it safe by self-isolating, the best way to prevent developing the coronavirus, or COVID-19. The "Real Housewives of New York Star," now 63 - who might have shared her self-isolation with friend Sonja Morgan had Morgan not just sold her spacious townhouse - is with daughter Avery and her ex-husband, Mario.

Ramona Singer stars in "The Real Housewifes of New York."
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"Another family meal and you’re not going to believe who I’m with," 24-year-old Avery says on Instagram, before turning the camera to show Ramona and Mario seated at the same table. "I'm self-isolating with Avery's dad," Ramona said in Avery's post. Her ex is doing the cooking at his Boca Raton, Florida, home, where he invited the two since New York and New York City have been hit especially hard by the coronavirus outbreak. Hopefully, the time spent in isolation is less heated than a trip to the Hamptons several years ago. According to Page Six, just after the two separated, police were called to a particularly contentious fight at the couple's home in Southhampton, where Mario Singer was staying with his socialite girlfriend when Ramona Singer showed up on a Friday night hoping to stay for the weekend.

Ramona and Mario Singer were thought to have a wonderful marriage until Mario was caught cheating.
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According to sources, Ramona “threw a fit and called the cops" because Mario was at the Southhampton home when she wanted to use it. “Ramona kicked Mario out of the Manhattan apartment in the last few days. But the understanding was that he could stay in the Southampton house.” He was apparently staying at the Southhampton home as well as with friends and was at the Southhampton home at the wrong time. The situation in self-quarantine is much less heated, said Ramona Singer, who told Hollywood Life that things were "wonderful" between her and her ex-husband as they shared his place with their daughter.

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