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Taylor Swift Helps Out Fans With Donations During The Coronavirus Crisis

Gettyimages | Jamie McCarthy
By Rima Pundir

There are many celebrities who help their fans and people in ways both small and big when the world needs financial help. But as far as Taylor Swift is concerned, she goes above and beyond the call of duty. Not one, but many, many times. Unlike some of those who are feuding with Taylor, and prefer to give a percentage of their sales to their favorite charities; Taylor Swift follows her fans back, reads their problems, and sends them little surprise packages of help.

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The Coronavirus Crunch Will Be Financial As Well

Gettyimages | Justin Paget

The world is in the grips of something it has never seen before. The Coronavirus pandemic is not only scary, but it is also at a tipping point for many countries. There is a literal global lockdown just about everywhere, and people are going to be facing more than just health scares. While many companies have asked their employees to work from home, the service industry, as well as travel and tourism, has taken a major hit. And soon, finances are going to be messy for many.

The Online World Is In A Frenzy

Unsplash | dole777

Everybody who is not living under a rock, and still has access to the Internet, is on the Internet. Social media is where the traffic is for now, and people have taken to sharing their troubles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Celebrities are uploading little videos to cheer the world up, like the "Imagine" song by Gal Gadot and gang, or the hand wash song by Gloria Gaynor that is trending. Celebrities are trying to lead by example, even as they share their Coronavirus stories.

Taylor Swift Is Listening, Reading, & Reacting

Gettyimages | China News Service

When people who follow Taylor Swift on various social media channels write about the current struggles they are facing, Swift reads and reacts. Or at least her team does. And the times that Taylor Swift has donated $3,000 over PayPal to various fans for various reasons are fast crossing countable numbers. This diva not only follows her fans back, but she actually makes an effort to know what's going on with her life and help them overcome their financial hurdles whenever they can.

Swift Is A Regular Caregiver

Gettyimages | David M. Benett

So when a fan wrote about how the Coronavirus situation may leave her unable to pay rent, Swift swooped in to help. And then she helped another fan as well. And this has happened plenty of times before. In fact, according to People Magazine, she once helped a longtime fan buy a home and baby gear when she ended up homeless and pregnant. Clearly, this is a diva who understands what helping people in a crisis is all about, which is why Swifties love her.

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