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Kelley Flanagan at Chris Harrison's rose party

'Bachelor': Peter Weber Spotted With Fan Favorite Kelley Flanagan

Gettyimages | Presley Ann
By Sarah Veldman

She was a firm fan favorite during her time on the recent season of The Bachelor and that was mostly due to her maturity, and general grasp on the world in general.

While Peter Weber favored the ridiculous tears and theatrics displayed by other contestants on the show, Kelley Flanagan stayed true to herself, and seemingly found most of the drama pretty stupid.

Now, however, she was recently spotted with Peter at Chicago Riverwalk on March 25. Guess that means they aren't practicing self-isolation or social distancing?

After the atrocious season that Peter had, perhaps Kelley should try social distancing from him at least?

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Did Peter and Kelley Get Back Together?

Giphy | The Bachelor

During the season finale, Madison Prewett left the show on her own, despite the fact that Peter clearly was going to choose her. Instead, he proposed to Hannah Ann Sluss, later breaking up with her to pursue Madison.

Though he and Madison did get back together, they split just two days later. Now, with the recent spotting of Kelley and Peter together, perhaps he changed his mind once again? He was known for that throughout the season, causing major confusion among the girls and viewers alike.

Peter's Mom Made It Known How Much She Hated Madison

Giphy | The Bachelor

Bachelor producers were criticized for not inviting Kelley to the Women Tell All episode, and she was subsequently seen in the audience during the live taping of After The Final Rose.

Peter's mom Barbara, who clearly made it known how much she detested Madison (but seriously, what was her problem?) claimed she was rooting for Kelley all along, and told her so.

During the After The Final Rose, Barb apparently let Kelley know how much she liked her. Kelley dropped some major deets to Us Weekly about her encounter with the Weber family matriarch.

Peter's Mom Commented On Kelley's Instagram Photos

Giphy | The Bachelor

She said, “[Barb] waved to me in the stands and then she tried to pull me down and she asked one of the producers, ‘Hey! Can you go get her? I want to meet her! So one of the producers came and grabbed me and she just started hugging me profusely. … She was like, ‘You were my favorite since day one! I love you! You’re beautiful!’”

Barb liked her so much she even commented on Kelley's Instagram, inviting her for some kind of girls day out.

Has Barb Been Meddling In Peter's Love Life Again?

Kelley Flanagan at Chris Harrison's Tropical Rose event
Gettyimages | Presley Ann

On one photo, Barb commented, “The Most Beautiful, Elegant, Classy, Intelligent Stylish Girl in the world!!! You were and will always be my Fav rav."

And, on another photo, she wrote, “We need to do lunch and go shopping for the day."

Perhaps Peter's mom gave him another "BRING HER HOMMEEEE" speech and he decided to give Kelley another chance. Or, Barb actually did get her to go out for lunch and shopping and got her to go out with Peter again. Will she ever be done meddling in her son's love life?

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