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Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood sitting on a couch

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph Split For a Short Period Last Year

Gettyimages | Jerod Harris
By Sarah Veldman

Has a guy ever jumped a fence for you? Many in Bachelor Nation now consider this the barometer for romance in their own lives after Colton Underwood did exactly this on his season of The Bachelor.

After Cassie Randolph broke up with Colton before the season finale, claiming she wasn't ready to get engaged, he freaked out.

He went after her, telling her he didn't need to propose, and they could just date, which is exactly what they've been doing ever since. Or have they?

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Colton Wrote About The Brief Split In His New Book 'The First Time'

Giphy | The Bachelor

In a recent interview with People magazine, Colton elaborated on the August 2019 breakup, which he wrote about in his new book The First Time coming out March 31.

He told the publication, “To put it very frank, after the show, we realized we weren’t communicating as well as we once did. Nobody was forcing us to talk about real things going on, so we let a lot of things build up.”

It makes sense that a couple who met on a dating show, while one of them dated thirty other people, would have some communication problems.

However, the split was super brief and the public never found out about it until now.

The Split Lasted Just a Couple Of Days

Giphy | The Bachelor

Colton explained to People, “I was like, I feel like we need to figure this out and in order to do that, we need space. She agreed. So it was a mutual thing."

Despite the decision to break up, Colton missed her and got in touch just two days later.

He continued, “It was a very real and very emotional breakup, but it was also very good to be real and emotional because it forced us to have conversations and move on. Now, we know the flags to look for. When issues start to creep up, it’s like, let’s go have a conversation. We’re trying to be more transparent and honest and really trust each other.”

Cassie Denied The Split Via Instagram Just A Month Later

Giphy | The Bachelor

The breakup was private, however, it created rumors and Cassie was forced to deny the split on Instagram.

She wrote, “Is our relationship perfect?” No, it is very normal with its ups and downs and compromises. Despite the microscope on our relationship, we are trying to stay focused on what is important and grow in the direction of getting stronger and closer every day. We know that in order for us to work, we need to focus on each other and not the craziness that sometimes surrounds us, and stay grounded. We are good!”

Colton Recently Tested Positive For The Coronavirus

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph at an event
Gettyimages | Phillip Faraone

Colton has recently been battling the coronavirus; he revealed via Instagram on March 20 that he had tested positive.

He has been living in isolation on the third floor of Cassie's parents house while she takes care of him. He's given fans a few updates on Instagram since he became sick.

In his most recent photo, he let Instagram users know he was starting to feel better. He wrote, "Today, I woke up seeing light at the end of the tunnel. I had my best sleep in more than a week and feel closer to my normal self. I still have a mild cough but the aches and pains are gone. I’m just feeling grateful right now that I still have a life. I realize that my case was not as severe as others and I am lucky we managed it at home."

I wonder what other revelations we'll hear about in Colton's new book? Perhaps some behind the scenes info from The Bachelor set?

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