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Here Is How Coronavirus Boosted Donald Trump's Overall Popularity

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By kenadijiba

So, Donald Trump’s response to the Coronavirus is hitting half of the American people in the right place. The country at the moment is split. Some of us agree with how Donald Trump is navigating this situation, and some of us don't. What should be strongly recognized is the benefit from community discord. It is healthy to have arguments over politics. In fact it's a fantastic distraction when people don't personally attack each other on their beliefs. If you’ve lost a friend over what they think is “right”, then please evaluate your maturity levels.

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At the end of the day when we allow emotions to cloud our analytical sensibilities, especially concerned with politics, we lose the ability to truly see something for what it is. Those who intensely dislike Donald Trump are doing him a favor when they become shrouded with anger. The only way to beat any controversial figure by a landslide, is through facts. Opinions can be wiggled through and put down, but the real data is something that can never be negated.


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The polls at times can't be depended on one hundred percent, and the mindset of past devoted Democrats and Republicans can change by the day. Nothing is set in stone until of course the moment comes. Just look back on that flashbulb memory we will all be telling our future grandchildren about. The night Donald Trump defeated Hilary Clinton in the 2016 election. Most of the country thought he didn't stand a chance and polls pointed to the same, but we didn't know what the verdict was until the gavel slammed.


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The same unassurendess follows this election season. Nobody has this in the bag. But, this Coronavirus travety is transforming the way people are observing Donald Trump, and his leadership skills. With so much now under his belt, Trump can really speak on what it's been like guiding the country. This newly developed past spanning over the last four years can do one of two things for him. Create a sense of proven “stability” for those who support him, or demonstrate his lack of competence.

Political Correctness

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Another huge reason for why Trump is becoming more popular as this debacle continues to transpire all point to Trump's ironic dismissal of political correctness. As Americans we have been used to a professional tone, and clear cut manuscript coming from our politicians during crisis. Now, we have someone in the White House who isn't holding his tongue when talking about major issues. Are Americans more receptive to this type of no nonsense manner? Is this our established new normal?

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