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Kylie Jenner Has Donated $1 Million Towards Fighting Coronavirus

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By kenadijiba

Finally Kylie Jenner took Taylor Swift's advice while Kim was attempting to drag her, and made a sizable donation on behalf of helping her fellow Americans fight the Coronavirus. Although everyone loves to degrade the Kardashians for when they do something problematic, we have to give them kudos as well. We have to big up promising acts and elevate ourselves as a society. As Americans something we pride ourselves on is the American dream, and Capitalism has been the driver of that fantasy, but we can also be giving and forgiving at the same time.

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Kylie's Influence


Some people have cited that Kylie’s huge influence on this generation because of her social media presence could help fight the Coronavirus, through social distancing. It would make sense considering most young people don't listen to their parents. Those who really have a cache in convincing 15 year olds to stay in their homes in order to flatten the curve, are their idols. Famous people like the Kardashians, or rappers, and actresses, have the power to influence certain groups of naive adolescents.


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The thing is, why are we looking to celebrities for information we should be seeking from the CDC. In reality Kylie Jenner is no more equipped in relation to knowledge on the Coronavirus, than any other 20 something year old working at Dollar General. The only reason she has an audience of people who listen to her is because of what her family, specifically Kim, built. She hasn't proved herself to be well versed on this type of thing, and so she should not be pressured to be an idle of hope.

Not Chump Change

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Still, pure generosity should never be ignored and one million dollars is not chump change. With all the money these separate entities are putting in, it looks like they were doing more than the federal government was for the working man. Atleast now there's been a partisan agreement that's basically a rescue fund for Americans, and major corporations, of 2 trillion dollars. Even though it does sound sufficient that the government would be sending those most affected around 1,000 dollars sometime in April, where is that money coming from?

Will Kim Follow?

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Now, will the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan follow Kylie’s lead? Not that anyone is obligated to do so, but isn't a matter of morality? We do live in a capitalistic society and for many that's what makes this country both great, and at times ruthless. Will we ever find a common thread that weaves through socialism as well? Maybe after conquering the beast that is Coronavirus people will see the value in both and vote for the person who most aligns with each.

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