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How Coronavirus Has Shone A Light On 'Essential' Workers

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By kenadijiba

The world right now is definitely experiencing a health pandemic, but something else is also unraveling during this stressful period. Akin to how life malfunctioned and then reinstated after countless wars, and the “Great Depression”, hierarchy in relation to occupation is shining through. It's a normal cycle that happens whenever a cataclysmic disaster takes over. This high level of pronouncement concerning who is at the bottom, and who's at the top becomes a lot more visible, and a pothole of resentment can build from that realization.

Democratic Debates

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If we stay in this quarantine state where nobody goes to work, and life is relegated to what happens at home, then the middle class is bound to vanish. Before Coronavirus popped off there was already intense discussion about this during the Democratic Debates. Even when the economy was booming there were those who felt displaced, and like they couldn't catch a break. Fast forward to now. People don't have any type of financial security, and it's crystal clear which communities are okay, and which are not.



This is why Democratic Socialistic ideals shouldn't be shunned. We as a country already have in place certain programs that are socialistic in nature. What's simply ironic is how historically in relation to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's service, he made a lot of choices to benefit the American people whilst combatting outside issues. Now his plans that are the backbone of America would in theory be criticized as “radical”. Well, when taking on tough moments sometimes you have to go against the grain.

Essential Workers

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The idea that some occupations are seen as “essential” is not ludicrous, and shouldnt be taken as defamatory. When we break it down, and analyze what humans need to survive there a handful of components. One, we need food and water to live. Two, shelter and community. Three, and not necessarily the most important of them all, we must feel inspired. The element of distraction or at least a way to escape is so necessary in the most unbearable of times.

An Escape


Think about it, Anne Frank had her diary to use as an anchor. To one day look back on and understand the depths of what she’d experienced. It was also this tool of hope, and a safe keep for her dreams. Not in any shape or form is there a comparison of the experience that Anne faced, to that in which Millennials are going through right now. But recognizing that in the most shaky of situations it is human nature to search for a release is an interesting discovery.

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