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Kaley Cuoco poses in a jacket

Kaley Cuoco Looks Drop-Dead Gorgeous In Pajamas With Her Dog Before Falling Fast Asleep

Kaley Cuoco/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Kaley Cuoco basically made Instagram melt today. The "Big Bang Theory" actress appeared on 2018-married husband Karl Cook's stories as she cradled one of her dogs – the couple may have just moved into a $12 million Hidden Hills estate, but they've got their hands full with three dogs, two rabbits, horses, plus senior fostered shelter dog "Dumpy" who's just joined them during their coronavirus quarantine.

COVID-19 may rule out paparazzi photos from Kaley as she social distances, but the 34-year-old is still delivering her signature, low-key style via the digital space. Check out the snaps below.

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Cute As A Button In PJs With The Pups

Kaley Cuoco with her dogs
Karl Cook/Instagram

Karl's stories showed Kaley amid wood-paneled flooring as she cozied up to newly-fostered dog Dumpy. The sitcom star was 100% makeup-free and dressed in a fuss-free look comprised of a dark gray t-shirt, plus patterned black-and-white pajama bottoms. Comfy slippers completed the getup as Kaley bounced around with Dumpy in her arms, also rocking her blonde hair worn up in a scruffy bun.

It was all in the facial expression, though. Kaley was looking absolutely smitten, with Karl's stories also showing him not particularly convinced that Dumpy is just a foster situation – the billionaire heir seemed to think a more-permanent deal might be on the cards.

Karl Admits Instagram Only Interested In His Wife

Kaley Cuoco asleep with her dogs
Karl Cook/Instagram

Dancing with the dog over, Kaley was snapped during a snooze moment as she lay fast asleep and covered by cozy blankets.

Meanwhile, Karl took to his stories in selfie mode.

"Okay, so if any of you guys follow my wife," he began, adding: "Which, actually, all of you guys do because all my followers came from my wife."

The equestrian continued:

"But. My wife is recently fostering a dog named Dumpy, I swear to God... we're just fostering," adding that he was going to show how he "knows" they're only fostering. The camera then swung to Kaley, dog Ruby, and Dumpy on the couch. Kaley, meanwhile, was in hysterics, apparently over nothing. Of course, this was prior to the shot of Kaley fast asleep.

@silly_simon_rabbit, Kaley's Unknown Instagram Account

Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook with a rabbit

Kaley's followers generally get their fix of the star via her @kaleycuoco Instagram, where 5.9 million individuals subscribe to updates – and likely watch the star's impromptu "A Cup of Cuoco" Instagram series.

There's another account, though. @simon_silly_rabbit has less than 80,000 followers and is dedicated to one of the two rabbits owned by Kaley and Karl. Simon joins Lenny, and both live in the garage-set and glass-wrapped greenhouse dubbed The Hippity Hop House. Of course, the account is melt central, with adorable snaps of Kaley and her rabbits.

Coronavirus Drama: Grocery Panic And Admissions

Kaley Cuoco in a t-shirt
Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

Kaley has been making headlines amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Shortly after moving into her new mansion with Karl, the two hit up a local grocery store – naturally, shelves were already pretty bare. Kaley had contemplated stocking up on almond milk, winding up in a bit of a fight with her husband as he stated that the produce aisle was "totally full," and therefore there was no need for concern.

Elsewhere, Kaley had admitted to ditching makeup, feeling like nobody will ever see her again, and not quite remembering if she'd showered amid quarantine life.

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