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kylie jenner

Kylie Jenner Gives $1 Million To Help Fight Coronavirus: 'The Coronavirus Is a Real Thing'

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By Jacob Highley

Kylie Jenner, along with the other Jenners and Kardashians, has been a topic of heated conversation lately.

Her social media activity has been under fire by trolls and by readers who think her whole family has been insensitive in light of this coronavirus outbreak.

I have covered several stories on Kylie now. Some were more about her exploits modeling and her social activity, while others have been on how she's responded to the Coronvavirus.

The most common comments I see have been about how they feel she hasn't contributed anything to help people beyond some kind words.

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Kylie Spurred On By Negative Comments?

Kylie jenner
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Have you seen some of the comments people left on Kylie and Kim's social media? People have been outraged that these wealthy women haven't contributed financially to help combat this virus and boost the economy.

"Be like #taylorswift and you make a donation instead of asking us to buy your product so you can donate a mediocre 20% while keeping the rest." - e_nun7 (Commenter)

Well, maybe their words really had an impact because Kylie just donated $1 million dollars to help medical personel fight the virus!

Kylie Spending Time With Family And Wishing She Was At The Beach

the beach
Unsplash | frank mckenna

I wrote an article on how Kim Kardashian spending time with family. Many people are spending time with family while quarantined.

I think many people are beginning to realize just how crazy things have gotten, and suddenly family is all that matters.

I'm hoping to spend some quality time with my family soon as well.

Kylie has also posted that she wishes she was at the beach, finding something more fun to do than simply staying home in self-isolation right now.

Kylie Regularly Posting Online

woman posting on computer
Unsplash | Kaitlyn Baker

I'm a big fan of Kylie's. I admire her background and entrepreneurial attitude. Her beauty products are massively successful and she is one of the most influential people in the world.

She will, of course, get negativity on whatever she posts (the trolls never sleep) but I am glad to see that she is staying positive and communicating with her fans despite a lot of fear going around.

Most people freeze when they see something like this going on, but Kylie has been posting helpful things regularly.

Kylie Also Giving Discounts On Her Brand

kylie jenner
Gettyimages | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin

Kylie has also announced that portions of the proceeds for her beauty products are going to charity. Quite a few people said this was a great thing to do right now as well.

Ironically, people didn't respond so well to Kim's announcement that proceeds from her brands were going to help groups dedicated to providing support to families impacted by the Coronarivus.

Many comments stated that Kim should have just donated money instead of this charity activity on her products. I guess Kylie liked people's idea!

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