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Relationships and Hardships, Coming Out Stronger: Amy Robach and Andrew Shue are Modern-Day Role Models

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By Maria Raczka

Relationships are a source of joy and hardships for most of us. How do we navigate these challenges with love and compassion so that we can grow stronger together? Most of us come from vastly different backgrounds than our partners. How do we reconcile these differences? Many deal with past hurts and baggage. How do we keep life's challenges and personal circumstances from dividing us? Amy Robach and Andrew Shue show us how a couple can combat life's challenges together and come out victorious.

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Amy and Andrew were introduced by mutual friends in 2009. Following a short courtship, they married in 2010. In 2013 Amy Robach was diagnosed with breast cancer. She began her fight to recovery but she wasen't alone. Her husband fought with her. Even when she closed off, he did not turn away and vice-versa. After the successful surgery, Amy learned that she had a second tumor. As the couple supported each other, they eventually celebrated Amy's full recovery as well as an incredible journey together.

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What levels of maturity allow a partner to be there for their significant other even when they are being pushed away? While there are countless possible answers to that question three qualities stand out: commitment, confidence and care. Commitment requires that both partners don't mention or even suggest walking away, under any circustances. Can you imagine a couple fighting? In the heat of the moment, how many couples threaten to walk out the door or suggest that their single friends are better off? These dynamics don't reflect a level of true commitment.


What is confidence? While most of us think ourselves confident, I am referring to a three-dimentional confidence. The confidence in ourselves, our partner and the relationship. In a ideal scenario we can feel confident that we are indeed the best possible partner for our significant other, the perfect catch. We also have confidence in our partner, we believe that they would never hurt us intentionally and that they regard the relationship as sacred. Lastly, there is the confidence in the relationship. It's our common ground that we treasure and contribute to daily without keeping track of who gives more or who gave last. It's this confidence in oneself, the partner and the relationship that allows us to risk pain and persevere through all. Care makes everything worth it. Not only the love that a couple can feel for each other but also the care that each puts into the relationship and relating to each other.

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It's so inspiring to see such a devoted couple commit to each other and the relationship wholly. Sure... they may have made their mistakes along the way but that's not the point. The point is that they persevered and succeeded. The care they felt for themselves and the partner nurtured their entire journey. They succeeded not only for themselves but for their family as a whole. After all, the most effective way that we teach our kids is by example. In the end, how rewarding it must be to look back at a life lived with true commitment, real confidence and care!

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