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Meghan Markle speaking at a podium

How Meghan Markle is Feeling Now That She Is In Canada

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By Angelic Conoscere

Since Meghan Markle has left the United Kingdom and is now living in Canada it is expected that The Duchess of Sussex has been enjoying life. A source close to Markle spoke with Us Weekly stating that Meghan is "thrilled" to be in Canada rather than the United Kingdom where she has faced tons of backlash. Markle views the U.K. as a chaotic scene which is fair to conclude since her and Prince Harry have been the subject of many conversations since they announced their separation from the royal family.

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Their Relocation

Meghan Markle holding her son Archie with Prince Harry beside them
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The source also revealed to the magazine that Meghan feels like she finally has the chance to "reset" now that she is far away from the United Kingdom. It would be quite imaginable that Markle was undergoing much pressure and stress while being in the U.K. knowing that there are many people who are highly critical of their decision. The turmoil that has been going back and forth with Prince Harry's family regarding them stepping down would definitely cause some animosity in the air.

A "New Person"

A smiling Meghan Markle
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The source also stated that Meghan is feeling like a "new person" now that she is living outside of their previous residence in London. It has been nearly two months since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made shocking decision to separate from the royal family and step down as royal members. While the announcement was a surprise to the masses it was not much of a shocker to those who realized that the couple was highly criticized in the British media quite frequently.

A Matter of Time

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry smiling
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Their decision was applauded by many and of course put a sour taste in those who tend to be critical of the couple on the daily. The individual close to Meghan stated that they were happy to her spring back into life and see her in her best form. Having to deal with constant negativity would drag anyone down, Meghan must be feeling completely enlightened and feeling alive once more now that she has control of her life in a different atmosphere.

Feeling Closed In

Meghan Markle smiling as she is exiting a vehicle
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It was also revealed that the former actress was feeling "claustrophobic" while living in her London cottage with Prince Harry and their son Archie. Due to the constant negative attention she has received in the U.K. it caused Markle to become fearful of even setting outside of her house. An obvious unsettling feeling of the constant worry of the possibility of being attacked by someone. But in the current days it has been suggested that Meghan has been living a slightly normal life. An insider spoke with People magazine and gave an insight on how The Duke and Duchess along with their son spends their days. It is said that they enjoy spending time outdoors, doing yoga or dining in. We can hope that life in Canada is as peaceful as possible for all three of them.

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