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Kylie Jenner is Once Again Facing Backlash During COVID-19 Pandemic

Gettyimages | Matt Winkelmeyer
By Ben Robinson III

During this current COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic many celebrities are dong their part to ensure people heed the warnings of public officials by practicing social distancing and adhering to being self quarantined. Honestly, it is a bit maddening at times knowing that the best way to fight the virus is to remain indoors and far apart from family and loved ones. Still, it seems to be working at this early stage. And that's a pat on the back to healthcare workers and those who are staying home as we were informed almost two weeks ago.

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Of course, there are still some who don't believe in the severity of COVID-19, choosing to go out and be around other people. It is innate within our humanity to crave the presence of others (unless you're an introvert, then this is like twenty-four hour Christmas for you). However, in order to curtail one of the worse pandemics of our lifetime we need to remain inside as much as possible. And that's why the surgeon general decided to implore assistance from beauty mogul Kylie Jenner to alert the youth about how important social distancing is.

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Though Jenner's message was well received by her fans and followers some found issue with her choice of words, especially when she claimed being at home was fun. Many wanted to remind Jenner that it was easy for her, a multimillionaire, to have a relaxing staycation with her daughter while millions of Americans are facing unemployment and financial ruin. Now, once again, Jenner is facing backlash for recent bikini photos she posted while the rest of the world is confined indoors.


Showbiz Cheatsheet reports that, although Jenner is remaining inside to do her part in flattening the curve, she still posts pictures to her highly popular Instagram to keep morale up. Though a recent photo she posted is rubbing people the wrong way (again)

[Jenner] recently posted some throwback photos from better days when she was on the beach. Though plenty of fans could relate to the reminiscing, some fans gave her a hard time for the pictures.

Many were quick to respond.

“Wishing we had enough ventilators right now,” someone commented. “People are dying and this is what you post. It only shows what you have on your soul,” someone else wrote.

The comments continued over on Twitter with one user writing "We all wish it was us Kylie! But we’re all unemployed!" and another stating "Most people are wishing their parents won’t get this virus, or that they won’t lose their jobs, be evicted, etc." But Jenner did receive one positive comment when a user attempted to thwart everyone's negativity by posting "Idk who ur talking to but we all wish we could be on a beach right now with our friends getting a tan. Stop kidding yourselves lol".

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