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Jessica Yellin Gives Warning to All Americans About The Severity of Coronavirus

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By Lacretia Roberts

We are living in times unlike anything experienced before. With Coronavirus changing and nearly uprooting the lives of Americans in a way we've never seen before, it is more important than ever that we understand the true nature and severity of what we are dealing with.

Jessica Yellin, a former CNN White House correspondent has a message for everyone on why we need to recognize that the measures being taken to implement social distancin including business closures are essential to helping to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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In a very sincere video posted on Instsgram TV, Jessica reveals a personal message to the world.

She starts by explaining that she has been,

"messaging with a woman in Italy recently who sends her funny memes about being on lockdown, along with the death toll for the day."

For the day in question, the daily death toll was over 300.

"She begged me, to do more to help Americans understand how serious this is."

"My DM's are filled with messages from tons of you asking things like, can I go to dinner with just four friends... or go to my yoga class with just a few people," she continues to explain.

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What's happening is that people are trying to negotiate where there is no room for negotiation, she details.

We have a responsibility to ourselves and those who love and depend on us, to stay safe.

In order to do this, compromising our health by going out into uneccessry social situations is a risk that we simply cannot afford to take.

"Experts are telling me that we are only hours and days away from being Italy," she explains.

They have already tried these methods and the result was hundreds dead.

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Jessica goes on to explain that perhaps people simply don't understand and aren't taking things seriously enough.

In Italy she states, a 30 something person who was perfectly healthy is now on a ventilator and not going to make it.

This is the result of people who are not truly understanding the severity of the situation with this virus.

In this pandemic, we have learned that coronavirus is extremely contagious and we have no immunity and no vaccine to help stave it off.

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Overall Jessica wants everyone to understand that though social distancing may present as isolating or inconvenient to normalcy, it is a vital necessity.

If the United states intends to truly prevent this virus from spreading widespread and posing a largely negative impact over civilians, we must stay home.

We must be socially responsible and consider that we are potentially saving lives, and protecting ourselves.

If we don't want to experience the same or a worse crisis than what Italy has and is experiencing, we must stay in.

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