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Kylie Jenner Gives $1 Million Dollar Donation to Aid Medical Workers

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By Angelic Conoscere

A gracious donation made on the behalf of Kylie Jenner will provide medical workers who are working through the current pandemic with some well needed gear. It is of great importance to provide medical workers with the appropriate materials to keep them safe and protected from exposure to the virus. They are the ones treating those potentially infected with the virus and the desperately need to be kept safe just as anyone else. The reality star donated one million dollars to aid healthcare professionals leaving her personal doctor Dr. Thais Aliabadi in complete shock.

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Kylie's Doctor

Kylie Jenner holding her daughter Stormi
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Dr. Aliabadi went to her Instagram page today March 25th to communicate with her viewers the major effort her patient Kylie Jenner has made during this severe time. The physician shared a heartwarming post in regards to the donation that will provide anyone who reads it a warming feeling that may cause you to tear up. Dr. Aliabadi states that she had a wish to be able to provide healthcare workers with masks during this outbreak and Jenner was able to help make her wish come true.

Dr. Aliabadi Efforts

Kylie Jenner at the Grammys
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Dr. Aliabadi has been trying to provide help to her fellow medical workers by purchasing protective gear and having it sent to facilities. In a previous post on her Instagram page she shared that she started a Go Fund Me account and all of the donations she received was able to order 5000 masks. Dr. Aliabadi states that masks have been running out, a fact that has been made clear shortly after the major spread of the virus. The doctor realized that the first responders need to be protected as they are the ones helping those suffering with the illness.

Providing Help

A healthcare worker in protective gear
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During these times that are completely unexpected and causing a major rift across the world it is important to provide help if you are in the position to do so. While people are frantic because they are unsure of what the future entails because of COVID-19, news of influential members of society taking tremendous efforts to provide help can create a sense of comfort even if it is for a brief moment. This is a gesture that fans and even non-fans of Kylie Jenner will not be able to forget.

Dr. Aliabadi's "hero"

First responders entering an Emergency Room
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That urgent steps that Dr. Aliabadi has taken will help combat the spread of the coronavirus. The shortage of face masks is another major issue that has been created due to the virus. But thanks to her initiated medical workers in their area will be expecting shipments of their protective gear. Dr. Aliabadi states that from Jenner's donation will provide "hundreds of thousands" of protective gear. The medical practitioner labels Kylie Jenner as "my hero" and continues to thank the reality star for being so gracious. To those donating and providing help during this time, there is much appreciation behind those actions.

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