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Alec Baldwin looks amazing in this black T-shirt and the smile on his face is gorgeous.

Alec Baldwin’s Fear Of Coronavirus Is Also Centered On Horse Drawn Carriages

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Alec Baldwin is known to many as an amazing and talented actor. He is also a force to be reckoned with in the industry for the way he carries himself.

Aside from being known as a talent isn’t he movie world, Baldwin has also been the center of the media’s discussion several times because of his opinions and temperament. He is popularly known to be a fierce person who can go off without prior notice and won’t be apologetic about it in any way.

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Age has nothing on Alec Baldwin as he looks incredible in this photo.
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Sometimes when Baldwin’s name comes up on tabloids, it is often related to his business dealings and political views, especially when it comes to matters related to social justice. In other words, Baldwin is a lover and not a fighter, but if he were ever cross with you, you would definitely feel it in your guts.

The man has also had some affiliations with top government people and well known photographers. He has also been involved in business dealings with several important organizations and there is no other way to describe Baldwin that to call him a Don.

Alec Baldwin is all smiles in this photo as he addresses a crowd.
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Although a Don, Baldwin is very serious when he says that he is terrified of the recently coronavirus pandemic that has hit many parts of the world. The 61-year-old actor has ensured that his residence situated in New York is quarantined completely to keep the virus at bay. However, that is not the only issues he has at the moment.

Recently Baldwin sent a letter to the Mayor of New York to look into the affair of horse-drawn carriages as that is the center of NYC’s tourism trade.

Alec Baldwin is caught on camera unaware at an event and a lady dressed in a back dress is beside him.
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Baldwin may be an excellent motion picture star, but that does not mean that he would ever turn the other way when the issue of social justice arises. In his opinion, horse-drawn carriages that have now become a trend a over NYC, accompanying tourists around the city, should be brought to a halt.

Baldwin seemed very serious about his quest to stop the tourist act immediately, hence, he talked about it on live Television and some of his fans agreed with his opinions.

Giphy | Product Hunt

In 2012, Baldwin mentioned on the show that using horses as carriages was only a way of torturing one of the most dignified animals on earth. Although this rant did not do much back then, Baldwin has shown that his hatred for the exercise is real and true.

In his letter to the Mayor of NYC, he explained his plight and gave reasons why the carriages should be stopped immediately, stating that it would be best for the public’s health.

Will the Mayor listen to Alec Baldwin now? Keep your fingers crossed.

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