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Taylor Swift and Kanye West

Taylor Swift Wants Fans to Focus on Coronavirus Crisis

Gettyimages | Christopher Polk
By Alan Blake

On Saturday, 21st March, a video was leaked to the internet that stirred up some major talk and throwback references. For a couple of years now, Taylor Swift and Kanye West have had an endless feud saga. In 2009, Kanye West interrupted Taylor during her acceptance speech at the MTV VMAs, to discredit her Female Video Award.

Later in 2016, he released his song named Famous that openly referenced Taylor swift, saying he made her famous, and calling her the B-word.

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Was Miss Americana Saying the Truth?

Taylor Swift
Gettyimages | Dave J Hogan

During the 2016 controversy, Taylor’s publicist said that Kanye was never authorized by Taylor to drop the lyrics. To defend her husband, Kim Kardashian then posted the recording of their video call – Taylor and Kanye’s – where Kanye is seen and heard asking Taylor about the lyrics.

Unfortunately, Kim had only posted bits of the video. Now, 2 months after Taylor’s documentary – Miss America – the full video version has been released and shows that Kanye did not include the word ‘bitch’ when asking Taylor about the lyrics.

Some Fans Flip their Vote

Kanye West
Gettyimages | Brad Barket

After this release, the public – mostly her Swifties, have changed their verdict and decided the hashtag #KanyeWestIsOverParty should replace #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty.

They’ve called Kim a liar and believed that she intentionally edited the original clip that she’d posted on Snapchat. Kim goes on to say that the argument was if Kanye West got permission for the included lyrics and that Taylor didn’t bring up the B-word issue in 2016. As much as Kim tried to defend her actions, some fans don’t seem to believe her story.

Despite it All, Taylor Feeds America!

Taylor Swift
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Feeding America is a non-governmental organization geared to feed over 4 million Americans every year. Following the coronavirus pandemic, a bunch of celebrities have joined Feeding America not only to donate but also to spread the word and reach more donors out there.

As this saga continued, Taylor posted on her Instagram story on Monday, responding to those asking for her reaction on the leaked video. She definitely had a lot to say, including accusing Kim of editing the footage and Kanye of recording their call illegally. However, she ended the post casually by including the remark, ‘Swipe up to see what really matters.’

Focusing More on the Coronavirus Pandemic

Taylor Swift
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It’s quite sad that during this troubling time, people are busy talking about irrelevant issues. Taylor Swift has previously told fans to practice social distancing, and now she tells fans to stop asking about the leaked video and do more towards the current crisis.

She also posted another story talking about the organizations she’s been donating. They include; The World Health Organization and Feeding America. Taylor goes ahead to request those able to give, to join her, and do so during this pandemic.

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