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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom laughing joyfully

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Keep Their Relationship Hot by 'Giving Each Other a Little Space'

Gettyimages | Phillip Faraone
By Brooklyn Denton

Katy Perry is currently riding a lot of highs in a work and personal life that have steadily been on the incline within the past couple of years.

The pop star is newly engaged to the pirate of all of our dreams, gainfully employed as an American Idol judge, has a new hit single underneath her belt, and has recently announced that she and Orlando Bloom are parents-to-be with a baby on the way. Suffice to say, congratulations are most definitely in order for Perry!

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Perry recently shared with the world the secret behind why her and Bloom's relationship is one of her best ones to date. The major key? Apparently, it's space.

Although on the surface, space might seem like the enemy of closeness, anyone who has ever been in a successful relationship will confirm that the key to longevity is giving the relationship and your partner space to breathe. Perry can also attest to that. Before getting engaged and deciding to start a family together, Perry and Bloom had to take some much-needed space in order to come back bigger and better than ever.

In their time apart, the two more than likely learned a lot about partnership and togetherness but also the importance of cultivating autonomy. In fact, now that they have reunited and it feels so good, Perry still attributes space here and there to the overall health of her relationship with Bloom.

It's a truth that she admitted publicly in a recently aired episode of American Idol. She gave words of advice to "Idol Lovebirds" Johnny West and Margie Mays following a performance that was't well-received.

Perry admitted space can provide an amazing breath of life for any relationship and could very well be what the two competitors needed to come back to the reality show singing competition better than ever. She explained, "One thing that’s going very well in my current relationship—yes, I did secure the ring—one thing I have noticed that is really helpful giving each other a little space. In this competition, it’s great to have understanding and partnership and to be teammates and support each other."

Perry continued, "But this time is about fulfilling your personal dreams. Just know your priorities right now. Because I think both of you kind of suffered in what you showed a little bit. We know you’re both better than what you gave, ok?"

Before the couple were seeing wedding bells and baby carriages in their 2020 vision, Perry and Bloom had to take some major space when they ended their relationship back in 2017. The statement they jointly released stated, "Before rumors or falsifications get out of hand we can confirm that Orlando and Katy are taking respectful, loving space at this time."

Taking a year away proved to be the breakthrough their bond needed and the couple rekindled their relationship in 2018. And in early 2019, they announced they were engaged. In the photo Perry posted to Instagram, the caption read, "Full bloom."

The space Perry referenced might not be a year away like her and Bloom's 2017 breakup, but regular space from time to time in any relationship is beneficial to helping it breathe and helping you keep your wholeness while combining your life with another person. And we're sure Perry and Bloom know a lot about the joys of that!

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