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John Mayer Declined to Join The 'Imagine' COVID-19 Celebrity Sing-A-Long

Gettyimages | Jesse Grant
By Desmund Ullrich

John Mayer parodied the ill-received ‘Imagine’ mashup Gal Gadot and other celebrities took part in. The 42-year-old shared a mini-episode of his “Current Mood” series on Instagram in which he jokingly explained that he was asked by “Wonder Woman” star Gal Gadot to be a part of her mashup of people singing the song. “Hey everyone, John here with a Current Mood Mini. So, this week, Gal Gadot and a bevy of other celebrities released a rendition of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine,’” Mayer began his video message.

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“It went far and wide across the internet. I have to come clean about something,” he continued. “They actually asked me to be a part of it, and I totally misunderstood the assignment, and thought they wanted me to sing ‘Imagine‘ by Ariana Grande, from her 2019 smash hit album, 'Thank U, Next.' They were nice enough to send over a cut. Take a look.”

He then added snippets of the video - with himself edited into the mix, singing the lyrics to the Grande song.

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

The video cuts to Gal Gadot’s original viral Instagram video showing her, Kristen Wiig and Jamie Dornan singing the opening lines of Lennon’s “Imagine”. From there, it cuts to Mayer singing Grande’s lyrics: “Me with no makeup/ You in the bath tub/ Bubbles and bubbly.” The video continues showing James Marsden and Sarah Silverman continuing to sing the original Lennon song before cutting back to Mayer singing a line from the Grande version twice: “Imagine a world like that.” Admittedly, Mayer's rendition is good enough for a full-length cover.

Gettyimages | Matthew Simmons

Once more the video shows Jimmy Fallon, Natalie Portman, and Zoe Kravitz singing the late former Beatle’s solo hit before going back to Mayer who belted: “Click, click, click, and post/ Drip, drip, dripped in gold.” When it’s all over, Mayer jokingly shrugs to the camera. “Am I sorry? Not even close,” he then says. “But am I not sorry? Well, now that’s a whole different question with a whole different answer. You’re damn right I’m not sorry. And by the way, everything Ariana sings about in the song sure sounds good right about now,” Mayer concludes.

Gettyimages | Joseph Okpako

“We’ll see you tomorrow night on Current Mood: Live.” He then advised his fans to keep their spirits up: “take good care of yourselves, smile when you can, laugh when the opportunity comes up, and we’ll see you soon.” Gadot’s original video created with the help of several celebrities to lift the spirits was not given the reception on social media they were hoping for. Many fans felt and wrote online felt the video was out-of-touch with the tone across the country in which so many Americans are losing their jobs as social distancing orders are going into effect.

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