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An amazing photo of Luka Jovicin his white Emirates jersey on the field.

Luka Jovic Is Likely To Face Prison Time For Violating Quarantine Rule

Gettyimages | Francois Nel
By Favour

If you do not know this yet, the coronavirus quarantine is real and must be adhered to at all cost. In most cases, anyone who disobeys the rule is likely to get prison time.

The coronavirus has successfully put a lot of people in panic all over the world. Now that people cannot really identify who is a carrier, they practically believe that everyone around them could have contacted the virus. It is uncertain how long this epidemic will last for, but for now, things are getting worse just before they get better.

A photo of Luka Jovic on the field wearing a two-pair black jersey with white boots.
Gettyimages | Alex Grimm

Speaking about quarantine, the federal government in most countries insisted that all citizens should self-isolate and for those who are traveling into the country, they must undergo a compulsory quarantine period.

This period is to help specialists and doctors watch them closely, take the appropriate tests and make sure that they are not contaminated in any way. This is one of the most efficient ways to make sure that the virus does not spread more than it has already and so far, everyone adhered to these rules until now.

Giphy | Real Madrid

Sometimes, being a famous person does not mean you get away with mistakes and Luka Jovic may have just stirred a pot that refuses to be still. According to reports, Jovic, who arrived at his hometown, Serbia from Spain and was expected to undergo a compulsory two-week isolation to determine if he has contacted the virus or not.

However, Jove did not seem to mind that he could be a carrier and spread the virus to unsuspecting people around him, even his girlfriend.

An incredible photo of Luka Jovic celebrating after a goal and he looks amazing.
Gettyimages | DANIEL ROLAND

The report further explained that Jovic could not stay away from his lover known as Sofija Milosevic, therefore, he broke protocol.

Initially, Jovic had agreed to remain quarantined for two weeks as soon as he got into Serbia from his last game, but that changed as soon as he touched ground. Now, while the matter is still in deliberation, an unconfirmed report has alleged that for this mere act of Jovic’s, he could be facing serious jail term which will no doubt tell on his career.

A photo showing Luka Jovic and an opponent trying to get hold of a ball in the air.
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The worst thing right now is that; what he could not wait to get back to after his plane from Spain arrived, may the one thing he never gets to do for a really long time.

Furthermore, reports confirmed that the reason why Jovic wanted to be with his girlfriend at that time, was because Milosevic was celebrating her birthday and like any great boyfriend, Jovic would rather break the rules and be with her than be locked up somewhere for two weeks.

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