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Avuva Drescher at an event

'RHONY' Aviva Drescher Says Ex-Husband Harry Dubin's Cast Hookups Embarrasses Their Son

Gettyimages | Dimitrios Kambouris
By Ona L

“Real Housewives of New York” former cast mate Aviva Drescher is getting candid about her ex-husband Harry Dubin’s unofficial apple on the popular housewives’ franchise. Harry who fans only know of because he gets around with more than one of the New York housewives. Aviva herself was a character during her time on the show. She threw her prosthetic leg across a table, she accused Carole Radziwill of having a ghost writer for that memoir she wouldn’t stop talking about and she got into arguments with almost all the women.

Drescher with son Harrison Dubin at an event
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Aviva sat down to have a chat with the hosts from “Out in the Wild” podcast. She touched on several topics but none more than her ex-husband. Harry was once engaged to Sonja Morgan for like a hot second. It was kind of featured on the show and Sonja even spoke with “Radar Online” about what went wrong. However, Aviva admis that what Harry had with Sonja was something that started even before she was married to Harry. The mom of four does admit that the person who is affected most by Harry’s behavior is there teenage son, Harrison.

Ramona Singer and Harry Dubin at an event with friends
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Aviva was asked what she thought about those crazy tabloid shots of co-star Ramona Singer making out with Harry at a Manhattan restaurant. “You know, all I care about is my son [Harrison] that I have with Harry, and how these things affect him.” She continued on to explain that her son was “bummed out” by the photos and Harry’s behavior. “The kissing Ramona situation really bummed out my son. He was really bummed and got a lot of flack from it from his friends in high school. So that sucked and that’s also another reason I’m really happy I’m off the show.”

Aviva Drescher at an event
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Aviva must be referring to the many embarrassing things she did on the show herself. This is probably why she decided to leave the show (or get fired) it’s always a he said/she said. Aviva’s children were still pretty young when she was on the show but now that her oldest child is a teenager, she feels that Harry should act accordingly. “[Harrison] was mortified. And I actually apologized to him because, in part, I’m the one who went on the show, and got that notoriety. Harry came on the show because of me.”


Sounds like Aviva is feeling really guilty for just trying to experience something different. At the end of the day, Harry is responsible for his own actions and should take into consideration that he does have an impressionable teenage son. The Ramona kiss has taken a toll on Harrison according to Aviva. “Harrison was completely taunted by his friends and embarrassed.” Something tells us that Harry is not going to take something like this serious enough to make a change. Chances of him being in the new season of RHONY is probably high.

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