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A briefing by President Donald Trump

Seattle Media Station Cuts Off Trump's Briefings on COVID-19 Due to Misinformation

Gettyimages | Win McNamee
By Angelic Conoscere

A NPR station in Seattle, Washington has decided that they will no longer be providing live coverage briefings by President Donald Trump speaking about COVID-19 for their viewers. The decision has been made due to their concerns about inaccurate and misleading information being given during these briefings. The media station is taking this step to ensure that their viewers are presented with correct information especially during this time. The president has been faced with backlash by the way he has been addressing the virus.

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Their Statement

A NPR station
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The media station went to their Twitter account to address the topic. KUOW stated that they will continue to listen to the information that the White House is giving on the coronavirus and provide their listeners with the news that is pertinent to the State of Washington. It was their choice to make after they were beginning to see a "pattern" of information that was seen to be misleading and could not be fact checked during the time of the live coverage.

A Recent Decision

A media station setup
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The Seattle media station made their announcement yesterday March 24th that they will filter through the U.S. president's briefing on the matter in order to serve the best interests to those who tune in to their station. In a recent news briefing done by Donald Trump he suggested that the current guidelines on social distancing may not be needed around the time of Easter which is on April 12th. This creates the narrative that the virus may be under control in about 2 1/2 weeks.

Is It Likely?

Donald Trump giving a briefing
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Is the president providing false hope that the coronavirus will be contained in just a couple of weeks? While the public may hope and wish this pandemic will be less of a threat when it comes time to celebrate Easter what is the possibility that this is actually true? Does this match up with the health professionals progress at finding a way of containing the virus? Unfortunately not since these workers are barely being able to keep from the virus form spreading.

Inaccurate Information

Donald Trump at the podium
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Aside from providing the American people with misleading information about COVID-19, some claims by Trump that were not actually true. The president gave false statements about the availability of tests and an inaccurate representation of where professionals are at with finding a cure. Trump had also spoke about how the treatment for COVID-19 is looking to be beneficial with one of the ingredients being chloroquine. It was reported that a man living in Arizona decided to ingested chloroquine phosphate after he and his wife watched the briefing which resulted in his death. This is one of many reasons why the public needs to be given clear factual information regarding this serious topic. Thousands of lives are at stake and are looking for guidance by our government during this time of uncertainty.

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