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Kerry Washington Talks Coronavirus With California Surgeon General

@kerrywashington | Instagram
By Lacretia Roberts

Kerry Washington has been making headlines alongside her current co star Reese Witherspoon for their new series on Hulu, 'Little Fires Everywhere.'

The series is centered around the lives of characters Mia Warren and Elena Richardson. The two are vastly different people who both have a story to unravel through crossed paths.

The series has already received stellar reviews and reactions from viewers.

It has also sparked a creative bond between the two leads who show excellent on-screen chemistry.

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@kerrywashington | Instagram

Though Kerry is doing well with her new series, she has recently taken to her social media platform to deliver a more serious message.

Americans need to better understand Coronavirus and have their questions and concerns heard.

In an effort to help ease the minds of civilians everywhere; the star took the time to host a responsibly, socially distanced virtual interview with the surgeon general of California.

Posted to her Instagram profile and on Instagram TV, the interview provides a bit more insight on Coronavirus.

Gettyimages | Paras Griffin

Dr. Nadine Burke is a pediatrician as well as the current Surgeon General for the state of California.

Dr. Burke begins by informing that social distancing is "the most powerful tool we have to fight the spread of this virus."

It is a power we each have as well as a responsibility to protect ourselves and others, especially since we don't always know who may or may not have a underlying immune system issue, diabetes or any other underlying problem, and those people are at risk.

@kerrywashington | Instagram

Dr. Burke explains that currently there is no defined period of time for just how long Americans may be forced to quarantine and practice social distancing. Of course considering that humans are social by nature, being inside for too long under these circumstances can be extremely stressful.

One thing we all need to keep at the forefront of our minds is that when we are stressed, we release extra amounts of cortisol into our blood stream, which can weaken our immunity defenses.

@kerrywashington | Instagram

-"Having regular sleep patterns in terms of going to bed and waking up at the same times each day, helps to regulate cortisol."

For these reasons we should give special attention to our mental health during this time as well.

The surgeon general also explained that during this pandemic, staying home, keeping schools closed and social distancing helps us to be safer and allows us to help save lives.

With symptoms that can be mild or asymptomatic, we can carry the virus and even pass it on to someone who may be unaware they even have a health or immunity concern.

"For these people, it could mean the difference between being here and not being here to see their families."

For these reasons we need to all rest assured that the precautions in place are necessary and helpful to keep the world safer and healthier.

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