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Sommer Ray at an event

Sommer Ray's Mind-Blowing Bikini Workout To Beyonce Hits 1 Million Views

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
By Rebecca Cukier

Sommer Ray delivered all-round yesterday. The 23-year-old fitness model and social media sensation put her jaw-dropping workout body on show, she showed Instagram how she achieves it, and, well, a little Beyonce never goes down badly.

Sommer is currently in quarantine on account of the novel coronavirus. COVID-19 may be seeing the reported new girlfriend to rapper Machine Gun Kelly away from the public eye, but it isn't stopping the red-hot updates. As the views for Sommer's latest video, they currently sit at just over 1 million.

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Taking It Away With Bey & Jay-Z

Sommer Ray poses in a bikini
Sommer Ray/Instagram

Sommer's video (seen below) showed her solo and on an outdoor path backed by greenery. The model was getting her daily workout in, although the booty-shaking kick-off was more about the flaunting than the training as Sommer shook her stuff to Beyonce and Jay-Z's 2003 "Crazy In Love" track.

Sommer appeared in a teeny tiny pair of bikini shorts in a pale blue and white print – much like the matching top, these were from the star's Gym to Swim range. She busted out some power squats and lunges, ensuring the camera took in her rock-hard legs, perky behind, and overall golden tan. A purple training band around the model's upper thighs further drew the eye to her steely-strong pins.

1 Million Views, Fans Dig The Beats And The Body

Sommer Ray poses in shorts
Sommer Ray/Instagram

Engagement was high on this post, as Sommer's 24+ million Instagram followers took to the comments section with full force. The video also clocked over 1 million views in 16 hours.

"She works out to yoncé, we can do nothing but stan," one fan wrote.

"Respect, I would be laying on the floor already I think," another said.

"Marry me" was another comment.

A few remarks did come in over the star's posture.

"Love you girl, I do, keep that chest up when you do those squats," a fan had written, with Sommer replying: "You can't really tell in the video but I was doing this all on a uphill so it was hard lol."

Caption Throws Out Suggestions Amid COVID-19

Sommer Ray poses in a bikini
Sommer Ray/Instagram

A caption from Sommer had given a nod to the quarantine situation that now sees a quarter of the world's population on lock-down – Sommer herself recently admitted to eating Lucky Charms for all three meals two days straight while social distancing.

"guuuuys spend this time being home workin on your summer boddddd 😜 so many easy workouts you can do at home. if you wanna workout with meeee, hit that link in my bio 💛 i teach you all my fav workouts & the first week is freeeeee also wearing my gym to swim set from @shopsommerray 😛," the model wrote.

Forbes Calls Her 'Not Your Average Instagram Model'

Sommer Ray poses in lingerie
Sommer Ray/Instagram

And she isn't. Back in 2018, Sommer was profiled by Forbes, with the magazine noting her Instagram following as sitting at just over 18 million. Sommer will likely hit 25 million followers before the summer is up.

As to Ray's appeal, it seems to stem from more than just her jaw-dropping physique. The blonde is one of Instagram's goofiest and most carefree swimwear faces, with candid videos often showing her in less-than-flattering scenarios. Then again, the sunset bikini snaps that recently drove fans wild were the opposite of goofy.

For more from Sommer, check out her Instagram.

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