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Travis Scott (left) kisses and holds Kylie Jenner (right) who is looking away from him

Scott Disick's Son Claims Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Haven't Gotten Back Together

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By Natalie Hunter

Fans have been speculating on whether Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have gotten back together. Could it be that a 10-year-old has the answer to all of our questions? According to Perez Hilton, Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian's son, Mason Dash Disick, hopped on Instagram Live on Tuesday to shut down rumors once and for all. While he might be a kid, he could be deemed a pretty credible source since he is part of the Kardashian Jenner family tree.

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He gave his own opinion on whether Kylie and Travis are back together sharing, “No, Kylie and Travis are not back together.”

A source recently shared, “The couple has always had love and respect for one another but took a break last year because they both had so much going on. They couldn’t fully focus on what it took to make the relationship work. Kylie exploded in the makeup world and was busy making a billion-dollar business and Travis was on tour and working on music."

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"Although things haven’t slowed down much for the duo, they’re better able to handle it. At the end of the day, the couple is happy to have their family back together,” the source continued to share with ET making it seem like they may be back together.

Regardless, Kylie wants to focus what's really important right now: staying healthy.

"Hey guys, Happy self-quarantine. I know I've already been doing my daily reminders about how important it is right now to practice social distancing. I'm going on my ninth day," Jenner said on her Insta story.


"The coronavirus is a real thing. I listened to the surgeon general this morning...he definitely encouraged me to come on here and talk to you guys so you can see me and hear me," Kylie adde according to PopCulture.

"Please stay inside, you guys," she continued. "Please say inside, practice social distancing, self-quarantine. If you live with your parents, you don't want to go home and get your parents sick. You might have it and not even know, infecting other people. "


"The only way we're going to slow this down is if we do this because there's no cure right now. Nobody is immune to this, millennials are not immune to this," she continued.

Kylie is familiar with this solitary lifestyle as she stayed home while pregnant with Stormi.

"It was my choice to do that, so I never let myself get bored. I watched movies; I read books; I would do full spa days and take long baths; do masks; take care of my skin; take care of my hair,” Kylie shared adding that she "loves being home."

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