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Kanye West Speaks on Publicly Supporting Donald Trump, Racism within the Country

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By Zachary Holt

Over the last several years, Kanye West has, unapologetically, been a big-time supporter of President Donald Trump. He's been seen sporting the monochrome red 'MAGA' cap in numerous instances, leading to backlash, naturally. While West, no doubt, has seen the criticisms of him supporting the president, it appears that the rapper is completely unphased.

Recently, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, West had the opportunity to explain why he has decided to publicly support President Trump, as well as, how becoming famous has affected his view on the various classes and systemic racism within the country.

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'I'm a Black Guy with a Red [MAGA] Hat, Can You Imagine...'

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"I’m a black guy with a red [MAGA] hat, can you imagine?" West said during the interview with the Wall Street Journal. "It reminded me of how I felt as a black guy before I was famous, when I would walk in a restaurant and people would look at you like you were going to steal something. ‘This is your place, Ye, don’t talk about apparel. This is your place, Ye, you’re black, so you’re a Democrat."

But even with a massively large amount of accrued wealth and fame, the 21-time Grammy winner doesn't think it's changed his perception of how classes and races work within a society.

West Explains Classism and Racism Still Exist in the Country, Creates 'Fear'

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"Everything is about putting people in their place. Classism, protectionism—not just racism," West continued in the interview. "Classism is like living on a bookshelf. The more money you have, the higher you go. And you get to the top and look over and what do you see? Fear."

West doesn't let the way the world is structured get to him. He claims that he's a 'doer' and uses his background to help motivate him, especially as it comes to his projects and what he's hoping to accomplish in and life and the entertainment industry. "I do not like the word ambitious. I’m Kanye West. The word ambitious is beneath my abilities," he said. "I’m just a doer. You can see in my eyes there’s not one bit of fear."

The Rapper Praises President Trump in a 2018 Tweet, Calling Him His 'Brother'

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While West has been a long time supporter of President Trump, he admitted to the Wall Street Journal he doesn't actively follow politics, and ironically, isn't even a registered voter. Still, that hasn't prevented him from advocating for Trump and the numerous policies he's pushed.

Back in 2018, Kanye took to Twitter and sent out a series of tweets praising the president and calling him his 'brother'. "You don’t have to agree with Trump but the mob can’t make me not love him. We are both dragon energy. He is my brother. I love everyone. I don’t agree with everything anyone does. That’s what makes us individuals. And we have the right to independent thought," West said on social media t the time.

West Shares That the 'Trump Hat' Represents Freedom From Being Told What He Can Do

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Just this past January, West reiterated some of those thoughts on the president, saying that Donald Trump represents the antithetical perspective of Democrats, who are all about control.

"They will not program me," West wrote on Twitter in January. "Blacks are 90 percent Democrats. That sounds like control to me. One of my favorite of many things about what the Trump hat represents to me is that people can’t tell me what to do because I’m black,” West said. “We will change the world. God is on my side. I am a Christian. I am a tax payer. I am myself. God is with us."

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