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Kristen Bell Admits She Didn't Feel a Connection to Her Daughter During Pregnancy

Gettyimages | Rachel Luna
By Brooklyn Denton

Kristen Bell is a force to be wreckoned with. The starlet has captivated audiences in her long list of movie roles, including children movie favorites Frozen and Frozen II. Bell also happens to be one-half of one of Hollywood's favorite marriages with the assist of husband and long-time partner actor/podcast host Dax Shepard. The two upped their cuteness factor even more by adding two children to their tribe, their daughters Lincoln, 6, and Delta, 5. Suffice to say, Bell and her family of four are goals.

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Despite being a movie star, not much gets in between Bell and her motherly duties. Although she is super protective of her daughters, Bell recently revealed that she didn't always feel a connection to her kids and admitted that it took a minute for her motherly instincts to kick in.

As public figures and constant fixtures in roles on both the big and small screen, it's endearing that the Shepard family work so hard to maintain a normal life for their daughters.

While some people figure out ways to get their kids in the business, Bell has been adamant about their kids getting to be kids. They also keep that aspect of their lives very private by not posting their kids often on social media.

And although they haven't quite cracked the code of how to get paparazzi to stop snapping photos of them with their kids, the actors have requested that fans not support publications that highlight photos of their kids that aren't authorized.

Surprisingly, Bell didn't always see herself fulfilling the role of a mother figure, let alone two children's actual mom. Like most women, she had always dreamed of being a mom but her career kicking off in her early 30s suggested to her she didn't have time to pause and have a family. The Veronica Mars actress admitted on the Motherly podcast that she was content with trying to scratch that biological itch in other ways.

"I get so much fulfillment out of my dogs," Bell confessed in the interview, "I have always loved to nurture, it’s my love language. But whether that’s buying the stranger’s coffee behind me or making my friends dinner, I can scratch that itch."

What ultimately changed her mind was getting input from her circle of friends about whether or not pursuing a family was a good idea. They were so enthusiastic about Shepard and Bell starting a family that they forged ahead with starting a family.

When Bell finally did get pregnant with her first child Lincoln, she noted that during her pregnancy, she never felt a connection with her child that so many mothers raved about. When I got pregnant . . . and I’m not ashamed to say this and I don’t think you should be, I was as connected with the baby in my belly as if [a] water bottle were in my belly."

She continued, "I was like, ‘I don’t know you. I don’t know what you are. You give me some gas pains sometimes, but other than that we’re gonna have to meet each other and suss this relationship out."

Bell would eventually find the connection she sought after in the early seconds of holding Lincoln in her arms following her birth. For her, "all the clichés are true, that you just know what to do when [the baby] comes out. Some of the times are hard, some of them are easier, but you just gotta use your gut."

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