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Bernie Sanders Will Be Showing Up To Next Democratic Debate

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By kenadijiba

Bernie is ready to play ball, so America let's not count him out so soon. What's clear about Sanders is his profound will to move forward despite the odds being stacked against him. After the last “Democratic Debate” Bernie came back stronger than ever. Although Biden seemed to be agreeing with everything Sanders was saying throughout the debate, still there's this disconnect. Why isn't Bernie performing well when it comes to delegate counts? Is his social media presence not transfering?

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What's been admirable concerning Sanders recent campaign is his lack of focus revolving around it. Instead of selfishely using this time as a moment to highlight his own agenda, Bernie has stood by the working man, and focused entirely on the crisis at hand. With the delegate count between Biden and Bernie not being so substantial, why has there been such a push for him to drop out? At this time Joe Biden is not the only option, and for all the “Bernie Bro’s” out there, don't give up hope just yet.


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Already the rivalry is brewing between President Trump, and Vice President Biden. Some analysts believe that the reason Trump comes after Biden a lot stronger than Bernie, is because he feels intimidated. That somewhere inside his constantly moving psyche he “fears” Biden’s ability to actually beat him. Others think that Biden’s more of an easy target for Trump, and that if it comes down to those two, Trump will take Biden down by a landslide. Once this Coronavirus calms down we will soon find out what political environment each of these candidates will be boxing in.


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A great talking point for this upcoming debate will be Coronavirus, and both of their responses to how they’d individually rebuild, and ensure, that Americans will be covered no matter the circumstances. Something that's aiding the hell out of Sanders' campaign at the moment is his socialistic ideals. The same things he was being burnt at the stake for, are now what the American people are overwhelmingly calling for. Coronavirus literally was this bad omen that proved Sanders past points.

Too Confident?

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One thing Biden cannot be right now, and in the future if he is the confirmed nominee, is too confident. Look where that got the last frontrunners. Ultimately it isn't healthy to wholeheartedly believe the hype of anything. The universe has a funny way of humbling people, and politicians aren't absolved of this. What Biden has to do if he wants to be the “chosen one”, is prove everyone wrong concerning his perceived “incompetence”. He must lean on charisma and his resume to pull him through, and get to the top.

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