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Will Harry Styles Cancel His Tour?

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By kenadijiba

No, Lord please don't let Harry Styles cancel this upcoming tour. Fangirls will with unforeseen determination find a way through hell and high water, to cure Coronavirus, if it means attending this man's concerts. First off, and this has absolutely zero scientific backing but hear the fans out, Harry Styles did not tweet out his usual new year's eve message to the world this 2020. So now we’ve officially been cursed, that's the only excuse as to why life has been a horror film since this new decade started.

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Show Dates

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Now, most of Harry’s show dates don't start until the summer, but with how everything is transpiring it seems like he might have to make the tough choice of cancelling. After all, the health of thousands could be at risk, and it's not a morally juste decison to set forth with. Although, there have been artists like Post Malone who have “yolo’d” this situation and continued to perform. But, if it's at the peoples own risk, and they're grown adults who are choosing to leave their homes, and possibly contract this virus, should artists be held accountable?

Personal Ambitions


Yes, and no. We all have rights and personal ideals that we abide by when we go home at night. So, in the land of the free shouldn't we be able to do what we want as long as we respect the law? A Lot of people believe the answer to be yes, even in controversial times alike to this. On the other hand when it comes to those producing and singing at these shows, they’ve got choices too, and if Harry feels like it's his responsibility to push social distancing in order to prevent the spread of Corona, that's his prerogative.

Harry's Devotion To His Fans

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With Styles clean cut history it's obvious that something he would never take part in, is robbing his devoted fans of seeing him live. In all his years as a professional singer, he has only cancelled around a handful, if that of his concerts. So, if he does come out and post on Instagram that he will be halting his “Love” tour, his fans are more likely to accept that information because of his past proven desire to consistently put on the best shows.

The Music Business

Unsplash | Tim Gouw

Right now the music business is totally shaken. All musicians individually are lucky because they assumedly have treasure troves of money to sit on while waiting out Coronavirus, but those people who are a part of their team most likely don't have that same luxury. From the person who lights the stage, to the manager, there are people who will suffer from these shows not taking place. But, what's the other option? We would all rather be safe than sorry.

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