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In Recent 'KUWTK' Promo, Kourtney Smacks The Soul Out Of Kim

Gettyimages | Marc Piasecki
By kenadijiba

Who knew? Kourtney Kardahsian has hands? Well, after some more promo dropped of this anticipated physical altercation between Kim and Kourt, people are excited to see what led up to the situation. Their relationship out of all the others seems to be the most decayed, and played out. Most of the arguments that have ensued during these last few shaky seasons of the show all stem from something that's gone on between the two. Why is there so much animosity there?

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Sibling Rivalry

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In all sibling relationships it is customary to swing at each other at least a few times every five years. But, this seems like an overarching theme with the Kardashians. For one, Kim always has been hailed as the super star, of course now Kylie’s taken that crown and probably has Kim quaking in her boots, but that's another bag of skittles we don't have time to unleash. In terms of the original four, Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, and Rob, their dynamic is a toxic one.


Giphy | KUWTK

Most of the major arguments that have transpired on the show all connect back to Kim. One that remains iconic happened around the time her fame levels were at the highest. She had just married Kris Humphries, and the media couldn't get enough of them. Obviously we all notably remember like a flashbulb flaming it's fluorescent lights, what a mess that an entire debacle was. Aside from that, there was a war of words that transpired between Kim and Rob, where Rob ended up calling Kim things that most of us wouldn't repeat to our worst enemies.

Disney Villain Like Attacks

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Another one that now notoriously has millions of views on Youtube, happened with Kourtney. This all stemmed from her not wanting to leave her kids per usual, and some conflict associated with scheduling. Out of nowhere Kim blew a gasket and started acting like a Disney villain. Hello, yes Maleficent is in the building and she's taking no prisoners. As soon as Kim’s eye started blinking slowly, and she wasn't hyper focused on her phone, the alarm bells went off and it was go time.

Self Esteem

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Kim ended up basically dismantling her sister's self esteem with a speech, and well, Korunety cried and called her evil. Now, we are here and who is actually surprised these two got into a fight? Even if E! is trying to manufacture drama for ratings, it's not like these women don't get into it behind the scenes. Honestly, who would feel okay, let alone would want to film with their narcissistic sister who’s called them “the least interesting to look at”, like come on Kimberly.

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